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US border guards arrest Canadians after heated argument

By Stephanie Dearing     May 5, 2010 in Crime
Niagara Falls - LiveLeak released audio footage that captured an exchange between a Canadian husband wife and US Border Patrol Officers when the couple attempted to cross the border for some shopping.
The unnamed couple were crossing into the United States at the Lewiston Bridge, at Niagara Falls, heading for a day of shopping. For an unknown reason, the couple thought to record events as they were processed at the U.S. border. In the recording, the male Canadian said he had never encountered such treatment before when crossing into the United States. It was a testosterone-fuelled situation, with the United States Custom and Border Protection officers threatening the Canadian shoppers.
Eventually, the wife became hysterical while the husband tried to safeguard his rights while complying with the officers.
The incident began normally enough, as can be noted in the recording posted with this article. The couple pulled up to the crossing in their car, and where asked what the nature of their visit was. The couple said they were planning to shop at the Fashion Outlet Mall, a popular shopping destination for Canadians. When asked which stores in specific the couple were planning visit at the mall, the couple said they didn't know, that they'd planned to wander the mall. The Border Guard ordered the couple out of their car. Things degenerated from there.
The co-operative but obviously stymied Canadian man becomes increasingly anxious over the inane interrogation he is receiving, becoming upset over the implication from the US Officers that the couple were potential terrorists, the Canadian male snapped at the Officers. He said: "I can shake my head at you too. What are you going to do, shoot me?" That was all the officers needed, and grabbed 'Libby,' the wife, who was hysterical by this point, hustling her off.
Separated, the pair were presumably arrested for obstruction of justice, claiming the Canadian male had made a threat. The Canadian man said he had never been arrested before. The Officer said they had recorded the incident on audio and video, and could prove the Canadian man had threatened the Officers.
The incident, which has not been verified, occurred sometime in April.
In December 2009, Canada was shocked by the news that prominent writer Dr. Paul Watts had not only been arrested by the US Border Guards, but had also been physically assaulted. Dr. Paul Watts was arrested for assault, and was convicted of felony assault in March 2010.
There have been similar complaints made about Canadian Border Guards, although not so graphically.
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