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article imageRioting, violence, mar protests of Arizona immigration laws

By Johnny Simpson     May 3, 2010 in Crime
In some cities around America this past weekend, peaceful protests against Arizona's strict new immigration laws degenerated into rioting and even violence against counter-protesters. Many were also arrested, including Rep. Lius Gutierrez (D-IL).
Though the bulk of this weekend's May Day protests against Arizona's strict new immigration laws passed without event, accounts of rioting, arrests and even violence against counter-protesters in some locations are now breaking across the Internet. The Newsbusters blog reports that protesters at a May Day rally in Santa Cruz, many carrying torches, turned the event into a rampage of window-smashing, graffiti and the torching of an outdoor cafe that left eighteen local businesses damaged to the tune of $100,000.00. One Fresno man with a criminal history has been arrested on vandalism charges, CBS reports. City crews have spent hours cleaning up the damage.
Videos of the rioting are now posted on YouTube. Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit have more in-depth coverage.
Meanwhile, at a May Day rally in San Francisco, three Minutemen counter-protesters were followed by a crowd of pro-illegal immigration demonstrators to the BART station on Market Street, many of whom maced, kicked and punched the Minutemen along the way. Two of the Minutemen assaulters were arrested by police on the scene and now face felony criminal charges. In Washington, D.C., Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and thirty-five others were arrested for blocking the sidewalk in front of the White House, which violates a local ordinance.
Lastly, Doug Ross's Journal has posted a pictorial report that shows a predominance of Mexican flags and protest signs advocating the overthrow of the United States and the Reconquista agenda. Many others portrayed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a Klansman, Liz Cheney as Hitler's daughter, and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer as Hitler himself.
These May Day protests were the first national rallies to be held since the new immigration law in Arizona was passed, and stand in stark contrast to the many massive Tea Party rallies held without incident this past year. News of criminal acts as those in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, as well as the brandishing of Mexican flags and the promoting of the Reconquista agenda and overthrow of the United States, can only have a detrimental effect on American public opinion, which is running firmly against those who favor illegal immigration. A wide majority of Americans, especially Arizonans, support the tough new laws in recent polling.
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