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article imageMother denies baby choked on marijuana bag Special

By Kim I. Hartman     May 2, 2010 in Health
Waterloo - An Iowa mother who was arrested last week has challenged the paramedics-police account of an incident that left both mother and father facing a variety of charges including child endangerment, marijuana possession and interference with official acts.
The young pregnant Iowa woman has denied the paramedics statements and police versions of the incident that left her facing child endangerment charges and interference with official acts. She claims a family member had stashed the dope before 911 was phoned.
Amanda Monique Mallit, 18, who is pregnant with her second child said her 7-month-old daughter didn't choke on a bag of weed as paramedics say in their account. Mallit says after a domestic violence situation between her and a third person, the police and paramedics were called to her home to investigate and render assistance.
Mallit, who does not deny smoking marijuana while pregnant says although she is subjecting the unborn child to her marijuana use, she does not smoke it around the 7 month old baby girl. In fact Mallit told the wcfcourier that there was marijuana in the home when the domestic issue began and a relative of hers gathered it up and took it with her before police and ambulance had arrived.
Horace Phillip, 18 and father of the both the unborn child and the 7 month old admitted to the police department officers that the marijuana they found after paramedics reported the baby choking on a small bag of pot inside the ambulance while transporting Mallit to the local emergency room, belonged to him.
Waterloo Paramedics
Phillips and Mallit were both charged with child endangerement and possession and are expected to appear before the family court judge where custody of the young baby will be addressed with temporary custody expected to be awarded to the Malitt's aunt until the all the charges are resolved and until the safety of the 7 month old can be determined.
Mallit was taken to a hospital April 22 following an domestic altercation with her sister. She says rather then leaving her child at home with family or friends she brought her in the ambulance to keep the young baby safely in her care.
Captain John Beckman of the Waterloo Police Department said the ambulance reports indicate the baby girl began choking when a paramedic who was helping the baby says he found a bag of marijuana in her mouth, according to court records. Mallit said she wasn't aware of the marijuana allegations until later, when she was in the emergency room. She says police and paramedics all refused to show her the drugs. "She wasn't choking. They didn't pull anything out of her mouth," Mallit said.
Parents charged with child endangerment  possession of marijuana and interfering with official acts ...
Parents charged with child endangerment, possession of marijuana and interfering with official acts after their 7 month old daughter allegedly choked on bag of weed. Mother alleges these charges are false.
When asked about the child endangerment charge, hearing and current custodial care of the young baby, Captain Beckman said he was not sure of the status of the babies living situation and the involvement with the Human Services Department at the time. No court date has been set yet for any of the charges. Beckman said it will take a few weeks at the soonest before Mallit and Phillips will be appear in court. He said that is an average length of time for court cases to appear on the docket.
Beckman there are multiple charges filed, and multiple aspects to the case and current chargesand which are criminal as well as involving human services and he is not sure if the mother and child have been reunited yet. Capt. Beckman said that the Department of Human Services investigation and court date will occur much faster as those cases move quickly through the system when the safety of children is as stake.
Both Phillips and Mallit have been released on bond with no court dates set. At this time an attorney for either party have not yet been named according to the Waterloo Police Department.
Waterloo Police Department arrested an18 year old couple after their baby allegedly choked on a smal...
Waterloo Police Department arrested an18 year old couple after their baby allegedly choked on a small bag of pot.
Waterloo Iowa Police Car
Waterloo Police Department have said they have complete confidence in the validity of all statements made by officers on the scene and the paramedic who allegedly found the bag of marijuana when the toddler began to choke while riding in the ambulance.
Mallit asked if the paramedic had indeed found marijuana in her daughters mouth, why did the child not receive proper medical care while at the emergency room to determine if any was in her system or a threat to the 7 month old child's life.
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