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article imageOp-Ed: Polanski begged and Sarkozy played postman yet Obama said No!

By R. C. Camphausen     May 2, 2010 in Crime
After all that we know and have read about Roman Polanski and the crime he committed, not allegedly but for real, it should be surprising that high-level politicians like Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama should get involved; yet they did.
Is it only the grapevine, what else can one call publications like today's The Mirror in the UK, that suggested that French head of state Nicolas Sarkozy carried a private letter from fugitive film-director Roman Polanski to US president Barack Obama, asking to be pardoned rather than put into jail?
Is it an utter disgrace for the French president to have done so in the first place? Is it a relief for thousands unknown victim of similar male transgressions to have a bit of hope that a prominent perp will finally serve jail time? I think that the answer to these two questions is Yes.
For anyone not up-to-date with the facts, Polanski drugged, raped, even sodomized a 13-year-old girl in 1977 after he'd lured her with promises of photographing her with the possible outcome that she could become a model. After the fact, it seems that he paid her half a million dollars to cease being a hostile witness, and there is no further evidence that he paid her even more in order to try and sway judges to resist in pursuing the case.
Judges in the US were not swayed by that attempt anyway, nor were they impressed by all that Polanski's lawyers tried to get him off, home-free, free to leave his private castle, which Swiss authorities seem to regard as a prison of sorts.
Being of a sound mind at the time of being petitioned, US president Obama is said not even to have read Polanski's letter proffered by Sarkozy, and it looks now that any deal is finally off the table.
The Swiss government is still dragging its feet, but it seems that Mr Polanski of Ghost Writer fame will soon travel to the US, first class perhaps but in hand-cuffs nevertheless.
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