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article imageMore addicted bankers in rehab clinics than celebrities?

By R. C. Camphausen     Apr 29, 2010 in Business
It seems that a growing number of bankers are in need of rehab clinics these days for addiction problems than famous celebrities such as Amy Winehouse or Mel Gibson.
An article in The Independent today mainly focuses on the fact that one of Britain's rehabs has been told to close its doors by a health watchdog organization.
However, the article also made mention of the fact that these days 60 percent of the clinic's clients are bankers and others working in the military-financial complex who have developed addiction problems.
Considering that this particular rehab clinic, the Causeway Retreat on Osea Island, saw a 10 percent growth in bankers' admissions in the last two years; this may change the way we look at the people who decide on who gets credit and who doesn't, or which company or country gets as bad ratings as Greece at the moment, or Spain.
There are websites, like Got Therapy? for example, who publish lists of celebrities who had or still have a need for such clinics, but are there similar lists telling us which CEO from say, Goldman Sachs or similar firms have addiction problems? I think not.
However, the situation as now reported from the UK seems to be similar in the US, where the website of an Exclusive Drug Rehab has a special page addressed to bankers and attorneys, with a text in which they state: Recent reports suggest that the current economic crisis is taking a toll on America’s best and brightest, producing record numbers of bankers, attorneys, and executives seeking addiction treatment and help for depression.
The UK clinic mentioned earlier, where Amy WInehouse battled her addictions, charges 10,000 Pounds per day ($15,000 ) for its reclusive and exclusive services. The clinic is on an island that can only be reached - or left - for a span of four hours a day. The rest of time the road is submerged by the sea.
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