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article imageOp-Ed: WWE: Hart Dynasty defeated ShowMiz to win Unified Tag Titles

By Kyle Fitta     Apr 27, 2010 in Sports
WWE Draft is in the book once again. It was a historical night, but who went where, who won their matches, who is the number one contender for the WWE championship? Find out what went down with this analysis of the recent Raw event.
Miz and Big Show start the show off. Miz grabs a mic. Miz starts making fun of the Hart Dynasty for being trained by an old man (Stu Hart). Miz brags about defeating two teams last night. Hart walks out and says, "I am a man of my word. I do assert that ShowMiz is the greatest tag team of all-time. I also declare that the Mountie was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. In addition, I declare that David Arquette was the greatest World Champion of all time. Bret then says he could say anything he wants, such as, "Miz is a horse faced idiot. That might be as close to the truth as you can get. I can say anything I want whenever I want.” Bret then says, “Talk is cheap, though, and it is all about the results. After the match, ShowMiz will have to declare the Hart Dynasty the new Unified Tag Champions of the World.”
Match One: The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya, Bret Hart) defeated ShowMiz to win the Unified Tag Titles.
This was a fun, inoffensive tag-team match. The crowd loved the Hart Dynasty, and they popped hard for the finish. It will be interesting where Hart Dynasty goes from here. I hope they do not kill the tag titles. * 1/4
Backstage Segment: Josh Matthews interviews Jack Swagger about defeating Randy Orton to regain his World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger says he made himself look like a World Champion. Edge shows up, and Edge says he is next in line for a title shot.
Michelle McCool and Layla (w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Eve Torres and Maryse in to win a draft pick for Smackdown.
This was a generic Divas match. There was nothing that offensive, but there was nothing good either. The finish came off bizarre, because Eve Torres did not even attempt to break up the near-fall. 1/2*
Kelly Kelly was drafted to Smackdown. It is what it is. Maybe they will give Kelly Kelly more time on Smackdown to focus on her in-ring ability, but she most likely will just end up doing what she was hired for: being eye-candy.
CM Punk defeated Evan Bourne to earn a draft pick
Too short to be anything relevant, but it does re-introduce the *mystery* member of Straight Edge Society. Bourne needs to go to Smackdown where he can show off his abilities. 3/4*
Big Show was drafted to Smackdown.
Sheamus comes to the ring, and he says that Triple H will never wrestle again. Sheamus says Hunter most likely wanted to leave WWE on his own terms, but HHH made the error of miscalculating him. Sheamus says he ended Hunter's career with a series of kicks to the head. Sheamus then says he is moving on because he wants to be DOUBLE-DOUBLE-E Champion.
Randy Orton's music interrupts Sheamus. Orton says that when he took out Hunter, he did it face to face, not with a pipe. Orton says Sheamus should not feel as though he earned a title shot. Sheamus says, “You do, Orton? You had your opportunity last night, and you blew it.”
Sheamus tells Orton to depart from the ring, or he would put him on the sideline just like he did to Triple H. Orton says he has a better idea; he should take off Sheamus's head with an RKO. Sheamus says he does not deal with losers.
Cena says that contestants have to earn their shot; then, he says that it will be Sheamus vs. Orton in a number one contenders match. Sheamus and Orton went for their finishers but miss. Sheamus backs up the ramp as Orton glares at him.
Ted DiBiase and Santino Marella won 10-Man Battle Royal to score three draft picks for Raw
John Morrison was drafted to Raw. John Morrison could be a fine asset to Raw’s lackluster mid-card. I have always found Morrison to be an athletic wrestling. One could only hope, he could learn the fundamentals of basic wrestling and learn some decent psychology. Time will only tell.
R-Truth was drafted to Raw. Most likely, he will stick with John Morrison. I wanted to see Morrison try to establish a single run, but it is still very possible. R-Truth went from being allegedly dead to drafted on the A show. Those turn of events are a huge dissimilarity if you ask me.
Edge was drafted to Raw. This was an unpredictable turn of events. It seems like WWE gave up on Edge’s face of Smackdown run. One can only hope he can reestablish his heel character again since Raw is lacking drawing power heels right now.
Chris Jericho defeated Christian w/Heath Slater to earn a draft pick for Smackdown
The match was still a decent exchange by both wrestlers, even though they felt like they were both in autopilot. Chris Jericho finally breaks his losing streak with this victory. **
Kofi Kingston was drafted to WWE Smackdown
. I am all for this move. Kofi has been doing nothing since his feud with Randy Orton.
Jack Swagger pinned John Morrison in a non-title match to earn a draft pick for Smackdown.
The match is what you except from these two: an athletic match up. Jack Swagger adds another win to his win record, and he is coming along gradually as a convincing champion. **
Christian was drafted to Smackdown.. People are not happy about this because they want to see Edge and Christian on the same show. On the other hand, however, Christian has been doing nothing on Raw, and Smackdown is a more "wrestling" show.
Hornswaggle defeated Dolph Ziggler via count out to earn a draft pick for Raw.
No, this sadly is not a typo. Hornswaggle beat Dolph Ziggler by using his shoes and army helmet. Yeah, I guess lack of application of the DQ rule is mandatory for Hornswaggle's matches. Luckily, Ziggler got his heat back by beating up the midget. Hornswaggle jobs virtually less than any current active wrestler does. How sad is that? DUD.
Chris Jericho was drafted to Raw.
It seems easy to say that this whole draft was to benefit Raw. Chris Jericho is one that could help.
Batista defeated Randy Orton and Sheamus in a Triple Threat match to become No. 1 contender.
This was a good TV main event. I like how they presented the match with sub-plots rather than all men in the ring hitting spot after spot. It seems as if Edge already turned heel. This might be the correct move because Edge's face run was failing fast. We never really had the opportunity to see an Edge vs. Orton feud, so this might be intriguing. ** ¾
Going Home: Overall, this was a solid show. The draft switches are compelling, the wrestling was good, and the angles and conflicts are developing well. WWE really cut down on the hokey segments this week, which mostly had to do with having no guest host. The only thing I could honestly say I hated about the show was the Hornswaggle vs. Dolph Ziggler's match. Other than that, this was a huge improvement over the lackluster, silly episodes that they typically put on.
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