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article imageFujifilm releases its spring 2010 HD digital camera collection Special

By Andrew Moran     Apr 27, 2010 in Technology
Toronto - What do you want in a camera? Fujifilm has a little bit of everything in its upcoming spring 2010 HD camera collection. All types of cameras are available for those outdoor adventures to family gatherings or simple photo shoots.
Economic analysts and government officials are telling Canadian consumers that the economy is recovering and the worst of the recession is over. Canadian retail sales were down slightly in November by 0.3 percent.
As spending increases among the average Canadian consumer, now would be the time they would start shopping around for cameras. Photography is becoming a hobby for a lot of people in Toronto and with more families enjoying the spring weather, a new technically sound camera would be a tool to have.
Fujifilm has released its spring 2010 collection and they have a wide variety of models ranging from those who like adventure and enjoy taking pictures in tough terrain to photography enthusiasts who like to master their craft. Prices start at $99 and reach upwards of $499.
I had the opportunity to preview Fujifilm's upcoming selection and talk with Marketing Manager for digital cameras, Paul Woodall. Woodall explained that a lot of its cameras have unique capabilities that have not been seen on some other top digital cameras on the market right now.
Fujifilm Finepix JV100, JX200, JZ300 – $149.99 to $199.99
All three models have 12 megapixels that have the capability to capture high resolution photos and videos with Fujinon zoom lens ranging from 3x to 10x. The user can view their shots on the 2.7 inch LCD screen and contains the automatic red-eye removal.
Colors available: black and silver.
Each camera has special features that assist the user in taking a simple photograph. The J series has the following features:
Blink Detection: Warns you when someone is blinking in the frame and gives you the option of retaking the photograph or simply deleting it.
Smile & Shoot Mode: This feature triggers the shutter and only takes the photo once the person’s smile is detected.
Digital Image Stabilization: The most frustrating part of taking pictures is when you have an unclear, blurry photograph due to moving subjects or a slight jolt of the camera. This function takes care of that with its technology.
Tracking Auto Focus: It keeps fast moving objects in the frame.
Natural Light & with Flash: You can take two photographs simultaneously; one with flash and one without flash.
HDTV Compatible Photos and Video: Users can take photos and movie in high definition 16:9 format.
Fujifilm JV100
Fujifilm JV100
Fujifilm Finepix F80 EXR – $299.99
The 12mp Fujinon 10x zoom camera has award-winning EXR quality with innovative features that could possibly be the wave of the future for upcoming digital cameras such as dog/cat detection, super intelligent flash and pro low-light mode.
The F80 EXR has a 3.0 inch LCD screen and consumers have a choice of four colors: black, silver, red and pink.
Dog/Cat Detection: This newest feature is very similar to the face recognition attribute, which recognizes the face of your cat or dog.
Pro Focus Mode: Provides the photographer the professional looking image by having a focused subject and an out of focus background.
Pro Low-Light Mode: When there isn’t a lot of light in an interior or exterior setting, innovative technology gives you superb quality and vivid colors in a picture.
Fujifilm Finepix XP10 – $199.99
The “All weather. All terrain.” camera is one of the most distinctive cameras on the digital camera market today. It is designed for all types of lifestyles, especially those ones who like to camp, hike, or venture into wet areas.
The XP10 has four modes of protection: water proof (10 feet), dust proof, shock proof (3.3 feet) and freeze proof (-10 degrees Celsius). The camera also has a reinforced glass lens cover and quick one touch movie button that automatically switches from photos to video.
It has the same features as the J series but it has one key difference for the social networking guru: a YouTube/Facebook uploader. Users can immediately upload their photos or videos and can edit the photos in-camera.
Fujifilm XP10
Fujifilm XP10
Fujifilm Finepix Z700 – $249
The Z700 digital camera has the important and special features from previous camera like the dog/cat detection, image stabilization and super intelligent flash. The screen is a 3.5 inch LCD.
If you want to view your library catalogue or choose another option in this camera, you can simply swipe the screen with your finger (similar to an Iphone).
When photographing something, sometimes there is a specific subject you want to take a picture of but it’s too difficult to do, now you are able to crop the subject with a simple touch on the screen.
Fuijifilm Z70
Fuijifilm Z70
Fujifilm Finepix S1800 – $249.99
This 12 MP, 18x optical zoom and 28mm wide angle camera has extra capabilities that will assist you in photography or family gatherings. It also has the traditional functions such as automatic red-eye removal, image stabilization, panorama mode and others.
Using standard wide view, a selectable frame allows you to bracket and track subject motion, which is called instant zoom. Zoom bracketing lets you snap three photographs at one press of the button, which can give you the shot you want without resetting or constant snapping.
Fujifilm S1800
Fujifilm S1800
Fujifilm Finepix HS10 – $499.99
Maybe considered Fujifilm’s magnum opus, the HS10 has a 30x optical zoom, high speed CMOS and a tilting 3 inch LCD screen.
Instead of carrying a bag of lenses, like a lot of professional photojournalists or photographers do, the user simply has a single integrated manual zoom that captures distance objects up close. It will also snap a clear photo without the annoying blur when you’re in full zoom range.
The tilting screen is an interesting function as it allows you to see what you’re shooting at different angles. For example, if I’m standing at a rally and want to get a higher view for a photo, I can just extend my arms and tilt the screen and know what I’m shooting at.
Motion remover gives you the chance to take a photograph in a busy area without all of the people. This function allows you to remove people from your shot in a 5MP/3MP image that is described as a “postcard shot.”
The HS10 also has the same features from other cameras, including full 1080p HD movie and photo.
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