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article imageThe gentle art of homeopathic killing: Homeopathy in the ER

By Bart B. Van Bockstaele     Apr 23, 2010 in Entertainment
We don't always have to be serious. Sometimes, we should have fun with the old beliefs, such as the geocentric model of the solar system, the phlogiston theory or homeopathy. This is a clip on what a homeopathic ER might look like.
The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing (and not "Homoeopathic") was the title of an article by Andy Lewis. It was a reaction to the discovery by Simon Singh and Sense About Science that many UK homeopaths were prescribing magic sugar pills as a prophylactic (preventative medicine) against malaria.
This discovery demonstrated a real problem within the UK homeopathic community, a community that still has a lot of problems as demonstrated recently by the release of a report about homeopathy on the NHS.
In the 60s, all types of irrational thought that had all but disappeared came back, complete with a vague "spirituality" that was based on a romanticism of "back to nature" and "ancient knowledge" augmented with the (re)discovery of hallucinogenic drugs and the idea that all opinions -whether based on evidence or on pure wishful thinking- were equally valid.
This YouTube video is, of course, a caricature, but it also serves as a reminder that while certain magical practices may well be "gentle", they do not have a place in a world of true suffering and genuine disease.
In spite of its title, the video is not just a parody on homoeopathy. It should have been more appropriate to call it "Holistic ER" rather than "Homeopathic ER". Don't shoot the messenger! I am merely bringing this video to your attention, because I think that we don't always have to be deadly serious.
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