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article imageNew recipe for crystal meth skirts the law, for now

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 18, 2010 in Crime
Crystal meth is a highly addictive drug, but some enterprising folks have come up with a recipe that some folks fear is sliding by laws against the drug.
In top state news, information is being passed out to alert the public about how much easier crystal meth is being made, so recipe-users can skirt the law in putting together crystal meth. Stateline organization, in its examination of the news in the various states, has taken a look at a new method of making street drugs that is causing law enforcement problems from Oregon to Kentucky.
Certain ingredients in cold and allergy medications that are used to make crack have been restricted by requiring some of the common medicines to now be sold behind store counters, which restricts the number of these medications an individual can buy in a month.
In some states, like Oregon and Missouri, prescriptions must be obtained for medicines like Sudafed and Claritin D while other states are setting up electronic screening systems that do background checks on people getting some of these medications that contain pseudophedrine.
The New York Times
reported how, meth makers are getting past the law because they now use mass production models of crack that use less pseudoephedrine than ordinarily and can be put together and done in moving vehicles, including cars. This makes it easier to make the drug and get around to different areas where it can be sold.
This new recipe calls for only a few pills of medications like Sudafed and some common household ingredients. The trick is moving fast through users and dealers. Now makers of crack don't need those old home labs for putting together their recipes for the stuff they sell on the streets.
Oklahoma was the first state to put pseudoephedrine behind the pharmacy counter. It is considered at the forefront in anti-meth efforts, and sees meth-lab incidents increasing since the new cooking style developed.
Crack is so popular folks can get information on how it works, although the actual specifics of the recipe might not always be given, even as information points out the risks of it in terms of addiction and recovery from its use. It is considered so highly addictive that users have serious withdrawal problems when addicted.
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