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article imageOp-Ed: Lane Bryant lingerie ad that Fox, ABC refuse to air

By Kim I. Hartman     Apr 21, 2010 in Lifestyle
Fox and ABC refuse to air Lane Bryant's full figured women's Lingerie ads as originally created during Dancing With the Stars and American Idol, until much editing was done- in what appears to be a discriminatory decision directed at plus-size women.
Is there a double standard at ABC and FOX in their advertising guidelines and decision making process? Night after night we are inundated with sexy over the top commercials and weekly television programming by these networks where beauty is determined by body size, type and looks. Scantily clad women make them money and increase rating or so it seems with FOX and ABC making the decision that this advertisement is not what their viewers want to see.
The advertisements created by Lane Bryant celebrate the beauty of a woman's body with curves in all the right places in their new lingerie commercials. According to Lane Bryant web site both ABC and FOX are discriminating against full-figured women when they refuse to air this commercial but will run the Victoria's Secret commercial in the same time slots they refused to sell to Lane Bryant for the Cacique Lingerie campaign.
Lane Bryant posted on their website the following statement:
We knew the ads were sexy, but they are not salacious. Our new commercials represent the sensuality of the curvy woman who has more to show the world than the typical waif-like lingerie model. What we didn’t know was that the networks, which regularly run Victoria’s Secret and Playtex advertising on the very shows from which we’re restricted, would object to a different view of beauty. If Victoria’s Secret and Playtex bra's can run ads at any time during the 9pm to 10pm hour, why is Lane Bryant restricted only to the final 10 minutes?
While it’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret “The Nakeds” ads are prancing around on major networks leaving little to the imagination, steaming up t.v. screens and baring nearly everything but their souls, our sultry siren who shows sophisticated sass is somehow deemed inappropriate. The network exclaimed, she has “too much cleavage” Gasp!
Forbes listed Lane Bryant as one of places "we won't shop in 2009" with sales in all retail stores decreasing in this troubled economy. According to, "expect closings to rattle the likes of Lane Bryant, Gap, and Starbucks. It's the inevitable counter punch to the days of retailers fighting hand over fist for market share"
These commercials produced by Lane Bryant were "ground-breaking" for the plus-size women's stores. With broadcasters now censoring their efforts to create a new line of lingerie that would bring their old and new customers back to the stores they will probably give them much more free advertisement and attention then they would have earned off the actual commercial - which should translate into more dollars in the cash registers.
As statistics on eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia rise each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and the market for dietary supplements booming, women are dying while trying to become that "ideal size" that broadcasting companies are supporting when they refuse to run a commercial that show beautiful plus-size women. These women aren't obese, grossly overweight or offensive to the eye of the viewer.
In fact. they are gorgeous ladies and representative of the women in this country and around the world in body type and weight. If ABC and FOX want to only run commercials with Twiggy sized models and actress and partially clothed Victoria's Secret models they are only contributing to a society where unhealthy body size is revered and healthy full-figured women are shunned.
Lane Bryant had to threaten to pull all future advertisement in response to this discrimination just to get them aired in not so prime time slots. I for one don't want advertising executives and sales departments determining what beauty is for me or attempting to shield my eyes from what they must have deemed offensive.
Shame on you Fox and ABC for this decision and to all the people who are adding snarky, insulting comments to stories about this ridiculous problem on web sites across the net. Stop being so hateful and show some manners. Big girls have feelings and need love too.
The decision of FOX and ABC to be the guardian of what is appealing to the American eyes was not made in my best interests, it was self-serving and discriminatory.
Lane Bryant says:
Here’s your chance to take a sneak peek at that soon-to be infamous lingerie ad that broke the body barrier:
Click here to see all of the Lane Bryant controversial commercials.
PICK ONE: Team Cacique or Team Network. Tell us how you feel and pass this along to everyone who shares the view that beauty is in the eye of the beholder not the hands of a television network.
Show your support to Lane Bryant and beautiful woman around the world by weighing in with your comments and opinions.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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