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Dog survives three gunshots to the head

By Laura Trowbridge     Apr 17, 2010 in Lifestyle
"Been" the dog survived three gunshots to the head and is now the loving caretaker of four motherless kittens, even bathing them and putting them to bed.
The New Zealand pig-hunting dog was found at least two days after being shot in the the head and left for dead. He was 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds, underweight when found by a pig hunter in the Wairau Valley of Marlborough.
Nelson, New Zealand SPCA inspector Craig Crowley thought the bullet holes were too close together for the shooting to have been an accident. He said: "It's terrible. The best case scenario is that the dog was shot and fell over and appeared to die and the person walked away, believing he died."
Crowley said although it is not illegal to humanely shoot a dog, the animal should be checked to make sure it is dead.
He also said the location of one bullet hole on Been was in a "place where you are going to put a dog down."
Now Been has recovered from his bullet injuries and weighs a healthy 27 kg or 60 lbs. Only a small pink scar remains to indicate his near death experience.
The new owner of Been the dog is Jaine Reynolds, a Nelson SPCA administrator. She said she fell in love with Been after taking him home to recover from the operation to fix his large wound. He quickly adjusted to life with his new family, even becoming friends with the other dog Max and two adult cats in the family.
"He's just a big gentle boy and doesn't do anything wrong. I was surprised with how quickly he bounced back and how trusting he is," Reynolds said.
Been was named for having "been very lucky".
Reynolds says Been has a very gentle nature. He loves "chasing rabbits, playing, sleeping in his basket and going for walks."
He diligently cares for the litter of abandoned kittens, licking them clean after someone bottle-feeds them. At bedtime, Been picks the kittens up and puts them in his own basket to cuddle with him if they have not been locked away in time.
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