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article imageHalf of Canadians say stop worrying about Canadian content rules

By KJ Mullins     Apr 15, 2010 in Entertainment
Toronto - When it comes to watching TV Canadians are split down the middle on how much of their viewing pleasure should be home grown entertainment according to a Ipsos Reid poll.
In Canada at least 60 percent of the content of TV stations must be Canadian Content in order for an operation license.
The Canadian Journalism Foundation had Ipsos Reid conduct a poll on how citizens felt about Canadian Content. Roughly half (47 percent) said that they ‘value and care about having more Canadian content made and broadcast because it fosters our national culture and it is critical to promoting our unique identity as a people’. Those who were more likely to value and want more national content were university educated (68 percent) and those in Atlantic Canada(62 percent) and Quebec(62 percent).
The other half (53 percent) said that TV content should be about creating good entertainment and not so much about imposing the rules. That half felt that Canadians know what their identity is already without the need for TV telling it to them.
The poll also showed that most Canadians (77 percent) either ‘always’ (17 percent) or ‘sometimes’ (60 percent) look for a review using media before going to pay for a movie, play or other form of entertainment. Only 23 percent never look at a review before checking out a new show.
A majority (56 percent) of those who seek out a reviewer's opinion say they agree with the review. Four in ten find that their take on a show is different from the reviewers.
Men are slightly more swayed by reviews (45 percent to 37 percent). Those most likely to change their plans based on a bad review were university grads (51 percent) and those without a high school diploma (47 percent). Reviews have the least influence on high school grads (35 percent) and those with some schooling after high school (37 percent).
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