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article imageFrench pianist, composer Anne Lovett launches debut album Special

By Vlad Bourceanu     Apr 13, 2010 in Entertainment
The French pianist and composer Anne Lovett has just released her debut album, Beyond (and Below), which consists of entirely original piano works, to a worldwide audience. This writer has interviewed her exclusively for Digital Journal.

The musical world had better be ready, as there is a new, unusual and brilliant piano music album out there.
Interviewed exclusively for Digital Journal, the excellent French pianist and composer Anne Lovett, whose debut album, Beyond (and Below), is a stunning collection of original piano works, confessed and confirmed my own personal opinion that she sees herself, and in my view is, not about the basically ambiental piano music that one often tends to associate modern music composed for piano with.
Born by the sea in Normandie, Anne Lovett has, in fact, carried her cultural heritage with her into the beautiful music that she writes. Heavily influenced by impressionism, yet also driven by the forces of the London rock scene (having spent ten years of her life in the UK), Miss Lovett enjoys entertaining and astounding her audience with her undeniable virtuosity as well as her extraordinary musicality. In her own words, "I like to keep it challenging".
Miss Lovett tells us:
I started playing the piano at the age of three. Soon afterwards, I would travel every week for three hours back and forth to get to my piano lessons. With these many miles spent on the road I developed my love for of traveling to new places and it stirred up my imagination. As far as I can remember, I wrote my first piece of music around that time. I was about 7 years old. I then kept on writing music alongside my academic piano training in Paris and later in London. It worked as an exodus, a way to answer the unexplainable and to breathe freedom.
For many years whilst studying and after graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, I had been was playing standard repertoire at classical concerts with the exception of a few contemporary works (introducing new music to an audience being the responsibility of many a modern performer).
Even though those years were highly rewarding and part of learning my craft, I felt I had to do more.
I finally decided to upload some of my own music online. Shortly afterwards, I started receiving messages and emails from various people living in completely different parts of the world; be it Japan, China, the US, Ireland, UK, France, Argentina, etc, they were all telling me how my music affected them in a positive way.
From that moment onwards, there was no turning back.
Beyond (and Below), the result of these life-long travails and searches for inspiration, is, as Miss Lovett herself says, "a collection of solo original piano works inspired by real life stories, old mythological legends and imaginary tales".
I find it to be so much more than that, however.
Miss Lovett's stated aim was "to write challenging virtuosic works that would be as wide-reaching and exciting as a rock or pop concert, but with the depth and quality of a classical concert". In this, in my opinion, particularly in works such as, for example, the relentless Tokyo Rush and the harmonically, texturally rich On the Run, which you can listen to by clicking on the green button marked "Listen" above, she has fully succeeded.
Her lyrical side can be seen through other works in the album, such as the hauntingly beautiful Raindrops on Mars, the stunning and original Ishtar's Gate (inspired by the myth of Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of, "paradoxically" as Miss Lovett puts it, "Love, Fertility and War, all at once" - one of my personal favorite tracks of the whole album) and the title track of the album, Beyond (and Below).
Having known Anne Lovett and her show-stealing piano playing since the days when we both had studied at the Royal Academy of Music, one of London and the world's foremost music colleges, I can personally vouch for the wonderful lyrical quality and virtuosity that she brings to her music. Having listened to tracks from Beyond (and Below) repeatedly prior to writing this article, I can also vouch that, in my professional opinion, this album fully represents her and her extraordinary musical value. I am grateful to her for agreeing to be interviewed especially for Digital Journal, and endorse her album whole-heartedly.
For further details about Miss Lovett's new album and musical career, please go to Anne Lovett's own website , or to her MySpace page.
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