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article imageExclusive Interview: Westboro Baptist Church Shunned by West Va. Special

By Kim I. Hartman     Apr 12, 2010 in World
What if you held a parade or a protest and no one was there to watch? Well that's exactly what happened at some locations in Charleston, WV when Westboro Baptist Church staged hate protests, hoping for a reaction from the miners grieving families.
The West Virginia Mountaineers refused to give Westboro Baptist an audience at most of the locations where protests were staged over the weekend when the hate group of homophobic protesters came to town.
The Phelps clan arrived in Charleston, the capitol of the state of West Virginia in hopes of using the disaster at the Upper Big Branch Mine and the tragic deaths of the miners as a launching pad for their God Hates Everybody agenda.
Thursday afternoon a Stop the Hate counter-protest rally was thrown together in a rush to show the Westboro bunch exactly what West Virginian's had to say in response to their God Hates Miners, God Hates Fags, Obama the Beast, Go home Kenyan born Negro Obama, God Hates Jews, God Hates Lobsters protests they are well-known for staging.
Following a short evening of practice West Virginia may not have shown off their best dancing steps but they sure did show the few Phelps family members that "they just weren't welcome here no more" as one counter-protester had to say.
In one tense moment during a brief "face to face shout-down" the people of West Virginia and the Coal Mining Community told the Phelps family that they weren't going to play the hate card game with these extremists.
After a few minutes early Saturday morning and with no one present to them watch them the Phelps group, consisting of three adults and three children moved to their next location in front of the B'nai Jacob Synagogue in a residential area of the city.
Westboro Baptist Church demonstration  in Charleston West Virginia.
Westboro Baptist Church demonstration in Charleston West Virginia.
As hard as they tried, the small Westboro group couldn't gather a crowd at the majority of locations they choose to demonstrate at over the weekend carrying those hateful signs and wearing aprons made of the flag of Israel and singing songs that one local minister confirmed to me were not the worlds of any hymns she had ever heard sung before.
The representatives of the Phelps dominated Westboro Baptist Church came out a loser when the Mountaineer's of West Virginia gave them something they rarely encounter on their trips across the country. The citizens of Charleston gave them no attention at all after the first incident where Margie Phelps, who was not even at the demonstration made the unfounded claim that the Charleston Police Department failed to protect them.
Westboro seems to operate under the notion that negative attention is better then no attention at all but today they couldn't even muster that up from the good people of Charleston, West Virginia said one resident who was walking his dog and came across the large group of fine police officers on Virginia Avenue. The City of Charleston police officers were out early to set up and maintain a safe area for the demonstrators, who claim freedom of speech as a defense for what Michael Bearak of the Digital Journal called in his opinion "their brand of evil."
The police on the scene who outnumbered the protesters and the counter-protesters by 2 to 1 said they were not expecting any problems from the morning demonstration's that consisted of six people from the family compound in Topeka, Kansas. Westboro Baptist Church stages protests around the country that attract curiosity seekers, who in turn search out more information on them which makes them money each and every time you go their web page according to the information provided at that family operated Internet source.
Margie Phelps daughter of Fred Phelps the founder of this group posted this email on their web site along with the following statement "failure to protect the Westboro pickets' right to free speech would "reflect a knowing and purposeful violation of your constitutional duty. If you fail in this regard, we will hold each of your responsible. You are all put fully on notice hereby."
The Charleston Gazette reports "In an e-mail sent late Thursday to Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster, Westboro Baptist Church member Margie Phelps complained that Charleston police stood by and "let people with violent intentions set upon" the six protesters, "jostling them, kicking them, and even trying to set on fire the hair of one of them."
Phelps, an attorney in Kansas was not at the protest and a call to the City Police Departments non-emergency information line confirmed that there have been no calls to 911 or incident reports filed. A call to the Phelps' compound was answered by a machine and they have yet to return any calls or emails to respond to questions regarding this alleged incident that officers at the protest today say did not occur in the way she describes.
Westboro Baptist Church members at a protest in Charleston WV  where they waved signs reading God Ha...
Westboro Baptist Church members at a protest in Charleston WV, where they waved signs reading God Hates Dead Miners, after the 2010 mining disaster that rocked the coal state.
Five people from Charleston did come to today's pathetic display of a protest. Alyssa Aliff of Charleston West Virginia said "she had seen them yesterday at the capitol building and seen the children with those signs and did not who they were or what they were doing and she talked to one of the men" who she pointed out to me and said "I asked him nicely for almost 30 minutes to tell me why they were here and why do they think God Hates Miners but he never specifically answered me, I kept asking him to give me one legitimate reason why they were here in Charleston protesting against the miners, the gays, they Jews, the military and all he could say was They were spreading Gods word"
But once again they didn't spread God's word, they spread hate and filth. They came with the intent to cause emotional distress on the families of those miners just as they do at funerals, disasters and any major news events that they can find to perform their version of a three-ring circus as the rainbow flag waving counter-protesters laughed and said.
Flag waving counter-protesters were small in number but large in smiles and laughter when Westboro B...
Flag waving counter-protesters were small in number but large in smiles and laughter when Westboro Baptist Church showed up to picket in Charleston, WV
Another gentleman taking an early morning walk, stood on the corner with me and said "I believe we all have freedom of speech and that needs protected, but these nutty people are crossing the line, the same funerals they are protesting in the military are of the men who died for the freedoms that they are using and manipulating to intentionally hurt others."
To the delight of the local residents and a few songbirds that refused to leave their nests, the Phelps family left earlier then planned when the desired level of attention wasn't attained, to their obvious displeasure.
The Mountaineers, exhausted from nearly a week of waiting, setbacks, prayer and heartbreaking news following the explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine on Monday, didn't expend one ounce of energy to respond to the WBC groups short stay in the capitol city.
After being urged by the officials of the city and state to stay home, these pride filled people did just that chose to show a sign of solidarity and pride in themselves, in their coal mining heritage, in their mountain ways by not playing into the hands of the Westboro protesters by completely ignoring the attention seeking lunatics from Kansas and the local television stations did the same.
A grand plan thrown together by the Chamber of Commerce and many of the local churches of all religions joined in to ensure that their hate was met only with love. Love must not taste as sweet as the bitterness of hate these fanatics are usually met with and they did just as the people of West Virginia desired - they turned their vehicles around and took one of West Virginia's beautiful country roads and went home.
Perhaps the nation should follow the lead of the West Virginians' when dealing with this group that is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
This video found at YouTube - Westboro Bozos Spewing Hate in Charleston, WV, April 10, 2010 - documents the mild reaction as well as the non-reaction that drove the Westboro members out of the state of the Mountain State.
A fall day on the beautiful winding country roads of Almost Heaven West Virginia
A fall day on the beautiful winding country roads of Almost Heaven West Virginia
Mike Klausing of SAGA an inclusive group founded by St. John's Episcopal Church of Charleston, West Virginia sent this message in an email to organization members.
Remember - stay away from the hate group - do not try to interact with them directly in any manner. God is Love, and we continue to witness to the power of God's love for all people.
Wise advise such as this is exactly the way to deal with people who can't be reasoned with in any way that civilized people come to expect and demand from one another. The West Virginia Country Roads that John Denver sang about that brought the hate filled Westboro group to town eventually led them across the state line and took them home.
Dear Kim Hartman -
Thanks for writing.
Your email stands out as a bastion of civility in a state of raging, filthy
perverts. You may also be a pervert, and you just pretend to have civility,
but you get an answer because of your proper tone.
I answer your questions in the order asked
Kim- I live in Charleston, WV and would like to know why God Hates Coal Miners?
1. YES! The coal miners have offended God! Every human being is
required to fear and obey their God! To obey their God includes that they
obey the commandments which include NO FORNICATION and NO ADULTERY and NO
love our neighbor as our self! Leviticus 19:17-18 tells you how you do
that, to wit: Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in
any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him..., but thou
shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD.
That is to say - you had better warn your neighbor that his sin is taking
him to hell, or you demonstrate your hatred for your neighbor in your heart!
Further, you should read Ezekiel 33 - wherein you are instructed that if you
do not warn your neighbor from his sinful ways, that dead rebels blood will
be required BY GOD, FROM YOUR HAND!!
Kim- Have the coal miners done something to offend God?
2. YES! See #1 above. Further, those miners are responsible just like
the rest of this nation for that fact that the fags have taken over this
country! There is no fixing this Kim. This nation has so crossed the line
that there is NOTHING that will take the wrath of God from off this land.
Your destruction, full and final is IMMINENT! Per the faithful promises of
God, this nation will drop like a rock into the ocean. We have written
volumes of words about these matters and we have stood patiently, daily on
your streets for 19 years. EVERY DAY for 19 years.
Kim- Is there a connection with the miners and homosexuality?
There are many words for you to see on the blogs on the
page and on the other web pages - many words, but this lazy, brutish nation
does not even bother to read the Bible, let alone any words on a web page.
We are doing our job and we will continue you to do so until our testimony
is complete!
Kim- Who were the 3 adults and 3 children that were forced to stand on street corners at all hours of the day and night? And how did this benefit you? I appreciate a response please and any other information you would like to share with me, I will appreciate it if you could explain to me why you're here today.
BTW - I was one that stood on your streets for 4 days. I know the hate, the
evil, the rebellion and the FILTH of your people. So there will be no
trying to convince me of how good those people are. Also, CNN has one of
their phony, weepy, disgusting sin-mongers and enablers talking to the
mother of one of those guys. They were all about the emotional blah, blah
BARF!, as they talked about how he wrote a gushy, squishy, maudlin note to
his girlfriend, the mother of his daughter. That dumb bastard is busy
writing notes to the mother of his daughter. NO FORNICATION!! WHAT good is
a note to the mother? His DUTY is to be ON THE GROUND EVERY DAY, teaching
that child what the Lord her God requires of her! This stupid nation gets
all weepy over his note. The outrage of that is breathtaking! SHAME ON YOU
ALL!! That child is better off with NO dad, with a dead dad than with an
ignorant brute bastard that drops in once in a while. That mother raised
her bastard son to be that way. YES! They HAVE offended God to such a
degree that NOW, even their going to work is sin to God! They do it so they
can make money to enable them to sin!
Proverbs 21:4 An high look, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the
wicked, is sin. ~~ Thanks for writing., Anathema, Maranatha 4/12/10 Bloo: It will be HOT in Topeka. Topeka's hot; my toe is hot: PICKET!
Kim Hartman - St. John s Episcopal Church of Charleston  West Virginia
Kim Hartman - St. John's Episcopal Church of Charleston, West Virginia
The description listed below can be found at and appears with the above video- Westboro Bozo's Spewing Hate in West Virginia- posted by Charleston resident, Richard E. Holicker
Wackos from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, came to West Virginia to spread their virulent anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-coal-miner, anti-American, anti-anything-remotely-human message. Here they regurgitate their wretched rhetoric in front of Temple Israel, a Reform Congregation in Charleston, and are met by a throng of angry but peace-loving, mostly non-Jewish, counter-protesters
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