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article imageOp-Ed: Westboro Baptist Church is evil

By Michael Bearak     Apr 11, 2010 in Politics
Westboro Baptist Church is a group that is no better than the KKK for their positions, beliefs and most of all their behaviors.
The Westboro Baptist Church, led by Fred Phelps out of Topeka Kansas has repeatedly been in the news for a variety of protests and activities. They have protested the state of West Virginia, as reported here at Digital Journal, they have protested the funerals of our fallen soldiers because of the military's stance on gays, they even went so far as to protest the funeral of President Obama's grandmother back in November of 2008.
Still, it doesn't end there, and I will admit I have never been to a service at the WBC or one led by Fred Phelps, and ignorance in that respect leads me to only think the worst. Still, how many groups that call themselves a "church" post on their website a list of future picketing events?
There website, which is too vulgar to list, although if you click on the link above referencing their website it will take you there, or you run a simple Google search for the "Westboro Baptist Church" you will find plenty of information including their website.
This group hides behind the cloak of being a "church" applying for and apparently getting non-for-profit status from the United State's government. Essentially we are letting a hate group grow, and prosper because they feed of of tax payer's dollars and law suits.
The father of fallen soldier, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder was ordered to pay the WBO when Snyder sued them for protesting his son's funeral. Albert Snyder sued and won $5 million in a verdict against the WBO for their protest at his son's funeral citing emotional distress, and invasion of privacy. All of this stemming from his funeral in March of 2006. The ruling was appealed and the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit threw the decision out and then turned around the slapped Albert Snyder with a $16, 510 bill for WBO's legal fees. The court said the signs and actions were protected by the First Amendment. This was the end of March of this year. Now Snyder's attorney's have turned to the Supreme Court, who has agreed to hear the case, if Snyder can get the money together for the court costs.
Think about this as rational people. Why would a church, a true church of God disgrace and humiliate someone at their funeral? A true church of God wouldn't. There is no wonder why as KJ Mullins pointed out on Digital Journal that the Southern Poverty Law Center has declared them a hate group.
These people need to be stopped. They are truly violating the pure freedoms our Constitution provides for us. They are abusing the Constitution, the are parading around supposedly doing "God's work" which we all know is not true. They have gone after gays, Muslims, Jews, anyone that is different from them it seems. They were even photographed with a sign saying, "God Hates Jews." That statement by itself shows their pure ignorance, read the Old Testament, clear as day it is written in there that the Jewish people are God's chosen people, they are guaranteed a spot in heaven. Spewing hate, going around and suing groups who oppose you, parading as people of God, that won't get you into heaven I don't think.
I hope the IRS opens their eyes and starts to really examine their books. They travel around the country, they have been red flagged on things before. Remember, it was tax evasion that has gotten most gangsters and thugs in this country, like Capone and Gotti...How squawker clean is Mr. Phelps and the WBO? There is a reason our Constitution pushes for a separation of church and state, it is time to send these thugs back to Topeka Kansas where they came from and drop a larger rock on top of them so this time they can't climb out.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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