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article imageMinute Men to be Celebrated in Massachusetts Park

By Carol Forsloff     Apr 11, 2010 in Politics
The annual Patriot's Day at Minute Man National Historical Park will be celebrated this year as patriotism and the minute men are discussed in a country divided by politics and talking about the constitution and what loyalty is all about.
Every year thousands of people go to the Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts to celebrate Patriot's Day. This is a special holiday designed to commemorate the first battle of the American Revolutionary War that took place on April 19, 1775.
Special battle reenactments and official commemorative events are scheduled beginning on Saturday April 17 in the Park with the Battle road event said to involve hundreds of Colonial militiamen and Minute Men and Redcoats in a simulated battle.
Historically Minute Men fought the British for American independence. But are these the same as the modern ones and with the same agendas?
President Carmen Mercer, of an Arizona minutemen group, issued a directive from the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, an organization that declares its celebration of freedom in the manner of America's fight for independence
In the publication called the Arizona Sentinel Mercer maintained
On the 8th anniversary of Chris Simcox’ historic Tea Party protest on the border which began in Cochise County, Arizona, this muster will be a defining moment for our nation.
President Obama in legion with John McCain, Lindsey Graham and most of the rest of our impotent and incompetent federal government have continued to exhibit as much contempt for our Constitution, rule of law and ordered society as the illegal aliens, drug dealers and Human smugglers who violate our sacred borders 24/7/365.
Chris Simcox said it first in 2002, enough is enough
In this epistle, Mercer goes on to discuss how his volunteers should be "locked and loaded," using many of the same words used by Sarah Palin on her Facebook page to describe how people should be in response to President Obama's political agenda with a map targeting politicians who are in line with it.
But Mercer got worried and backed off from her statements after people were said to respond "too enthusiastically. " She is quoted in TM as saying this about what happened following her posting the material and sending out an email announcement:
Mercer said she received a more feverish response than she expected and decided the group couldn't shoulder the responsibility and liability of what could occur, she said.
"People are ready to come locked and loaded, and that's not what we are all about," Mercer said. "It only takes one bad apple to destroy everything we've done for the last eight years."
In other words: When I told people to come locked, loaded and ready, I didn't mean locked, loaded and ready.
Mercer and two of her board directors subsequently voted to dissolve the Minuteman corporation.
But the dissolution of the corporation doesn't mean Mercer and her minions are going away anytime soon. As Mercer is reported by Minutemen PAC link to a media site as saying,
"The cause is still securing the border, enforcing the law," said Carmen Mercer, president of MCDC. "The movement itself, the organization itself, is not going to go away, just the dissolving of the corporation."
The stated issue is the concern about extremism as further explained by Kate Rodriguez, coordinator for human rights organization Derechos Humanos, "They've not just attracted retired folks who come out with their binoculars and floppy hats to patrol the border. They've attracted an element that is dangerous."
The Minutemen have been underlined in history books as essential in the Revolutionary War and battles before it dedicated to protecting the country. The motto of the Lexington Minutemen Militia is this:
The Lexington Minute Man Oath
"We Trust in God, that should the state of our affairs require it, we shall be ready to sacrifice our estates and everything dear in life,
yea, and life itself, in support of the common cause."
The group dedicates itself to the memories of the group that helped in the Revolution against the British Army and continues its reenactments and stories of the battles, even as a national park plans to commemorate the group as well.
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