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article imageQuackademia Is Crumbling - Another Homoeopathy Course Has Stopped

By Bart B. Van Bockstaele     Apr 11, 2010 in Health
After refusing to provide information about its homoeopathy course, Robert Gordon University has announced that it has stopped.
Professor David Colquhoun of University College London reports that Robert Gordon University has stopped its homoeopathy course. This announcement comes only weeks after the University of Buckingham had fired its "Faculty of Integrated Medicine".
"Quackademia is crumbling", says Professor Colquhoun.
In July 2009, Professor Colquhoun had asked the university to be shown a few samples of the teaching materials used for the homoeopathy course, namely the powerpoint presentations and handouts for:
1. Evidence for homeopathy
2. First aid remedies
3. Allergies
Although this request was made under the Freedom of Information Act (Scotland), it was refused in September 2009. Professor Colquhoun asked for an internal review of the decision, required by the Act, and as almost always, the original refusal was upheld. He then referred the decision to the Scottish Information Commissioner, who has not yet responded.
However, he got a letter on 8 April 2010 from Robert Gordon University that told him this:
The above course requested is no longer part of the School of Nursing and Midwifery’s provision, and it was cessated [sic] in Semester One 2009/10. This followed a formal review of all Nursing and Midwifery modules and their viability. In the light of this the university has decided to release the information.
Professor Colquhoun is happy with the decision, and he adds a few slides from the lecture on "homeopathic remedies for allergies", for the record.
He says that allergies can be dangerous, and sometimes even lethal. Treating them with homoeopathic pills, medicine-free medicines, is a dangerous delusion that could cost patients their lives.
Homoepaths often claim that they use "gentle, natural" therapies, but as can be seen from the slides, these remedies include nettles, sulphur, petroleum and arsenic, hardly innocent substances. However, the pills usually do not contain the smallest trace of these scary substances. Says the professor:
Homeopathic pharmacies stock thousands of bottles of identical sugar pills, each with a different label.
He concludes with "These dangerous delusions were being taught as fact in a UK university. The shame of it..."
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