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article imageStrangling cancer: New study shows the Achilles heel is sugar

By Paul Wallis     Apr 11, 2010 in Health
The most hated disease on Earth has a weak spot, and it’s been positively identified. It needs energy, specifically sugar. If the supply is choked off, it self destructs. This applies particularly to rapid growth forms, which need the sugar to survive.
A study at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute has produced a drug which shuts down the sugar supply. This is a particularly important development, because it’s a specific approach, with no hard work for the patients like other forms of therapy.
The logic of the approach is also well geared to dealing with the deadly growth cycles, which are energy gluttons. High rates of growth require enormous amounts of energy. It’s actually a very inefficient process, compared to normal cell growth.
The drugs are called “energy restricting mimetic agents.” Science Daily explains:
Energy-restricting mimetic agents cause changes in cancer cells that are similar to those that occur in cancer cells deprived of their main energy source, the sugar glucose.
The Ohio State drug has proven to be 10 times better than others, working on prostate and breast cancer cells. It stops glucose from entering cells, and reduces their ability to metabolize sugars. The cancer cells actually start eating themselves, then head into the self destruct phase. This, by the way, is also useful for treatment, because when this process starts, it naturally shows on tests.
The news gets better. There are even ramifications for other diseases, including the equally loathed diabetes issues which have been so hard to handle for so long. This may also be a handle on other sugar-related problems, like obesity and related conditions, in the longer term.
If this treatment has universal applications, it might finally be the end of a disease which has caused so much misery for so long.
Keep a few Nobel Prizes handy, Sweden, they may be needed.
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