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article imageDo you believe in aliens? Survey says 1 in 5 believe

By Stephanie Dearing     Apr 11, 2010 in World
Reuters/Ipsos undertook a poll to measure the strength of human belief in extraterrestrial beings, and the results are astounding.
One out of every five persons believes in extraterrestrials is the conclusion of an exhaustive poll that saw 23,000 people canvassed in 22 countries. While the majority of adults polled did not believe aliens were living here on earth, those polled in Asian nations expressed a strong belief that aliens, disguised as humans, are here. The poll results demonstrate men are more likely to believe in aliens than women.
Believing in aliens, even believing that they walk among us disguised as a human, is nowhere near as frightening as what is termed alien abduction phenomenon. The phenomenon was explored in a recent movie, The Fourth Kind, which portrays a young female psychologist who comes to believe aliens are bedeviling her Alaskan community.
The modern belief that extraterrestrials visit earth has been growing since at least the late 1940s and the well-known Roswell incident, or Area 51, as this case is sometimes called. Abductees tend to report more than one unwanted interaction with aliens. Another category of believer are those who claim to be in contact with aliens on a regular basis. These interactions are not reported as harmful, and the believers welcome the interaction.
A recent study written up for the Fortean Times, while not conclusive, leans towards dispelling popular psychological explanations of reported alien abductions. Explanations tend to debunk the belief in interactions with aliens as dreams, hallucinations, fantasies, false memories or the result of a temporal lobe epileptic seizure.
On the other hand, the challenge to reports of alien abductions or social interactions is the provision of proof.
Proof aside, the Vatican has said it is okay to believe in aliens.
Reflecting the poll's findings, UFOlogy is not dismissed in China, but is instead treated seriously.
The growing belief in paranormal phenomena such as extraterrestrials, was one reason for the popularity of the X-Files, a television show that featured two FBI agents, one a believer, the other a firm skeptic, chasing down dark and spine-tingling mysteries.
For those kinky enough to want to be abducted by aliens, but sadly haven't been selected, there is a service that exists to fill the gap. Alien Abductions Incorporated might well be on the crest of a massive wave with their unique idea of recreating abductions that never happened.
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