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article imageOp-Ed: Is 'Lady Gay Gay' T-shirt protected by the First Amendment?

By Matt Harding     Apr 7, 2010 in World
Do we really live in the "land of the free?" Are we really free to practice any religion, or be outward with our sexuality? One school in rural Tennessee may not agree with the latter.
Just about anything can printed on a T-shirt, but a certain slogan has sparked a fight over free speech at a high school in Tennessee. As reported earlier today on Digital Journal, an "I ♥ Lady Gay Gay" T-shirt sparked controversy when 15-year-old Cole Goforth wore the shirt to school on Monday.
Should students be allowed to wear whatever they want on their shirts, as long as no one is offended? But, then again, what constitutes being offended?
If I wore a shirt with a chicken on it to a convention full of vegetarians, should I be thrown out? No -- not in a "free" nation.
In America, we have the right to say virtually whatever we want. Yet, a homosexual student can't wear a shirt that supports his sexuality. Is this student protected by the First Amendment or not?
At any rate, the T-shirt is more about Lady Gaga's pocketbook. After all, she's the only person profiting off of the shirts. But still, the teen has every right to wear the shirt. No school rules were in place that would have the student reprimanded.
The original video report can be seen here.
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