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Footprints in Arizona lend credence to idea Bigfoot is real

By Stephanie Dearing     Apr 4, 2010 in Science
There are few locations in North America that have not been touched with sightings of Bigfoot or other reported signs, such as footprints.
Fort Apache, AZ - Rural locations report more signs of Sasquatch than urban areas, for obvious reasons. Fort Apache is one such location. Famed for its legendary leaders, Geronimo and Cochise, Fort Apache is nestled in the White Mountains of Arizona, and has a long history of Sasquatch sightings. Many have dismissed the sightings as confusion over bear sightings, while others think the strange sights and sounds they witnessed are those of Bigfoot. In Arizona, Bigfoot is sometimes also called the Mogollon Monster.
This spring people have found strange footprints by the side of a road in the Fort Apache area, which they are attributing to the possibly mythical creature called Sasquatch. The footprints were found by a former-lawman-turned-Sasquatch-hunter, A.K. Riley, who searches regularly through the wilds surrounding Fort Apache for the creature. Riley wasn't the only person who came across the tracks. Showing the tracks to reporter Mike Leiby, Riley said "You can see where they have put their feet beside them to show how much bigger they are, but it messes up the prints and makes them hard to see sometimes."
Loggers have reported sightings of strange hominid-like creatures in the White River Mountains for years, and according to the White Mountain Independent, the police have not only collected evidence, they have also analyzed hair samples. So far, there has been no conclusion other than some hair samples were determined to be of "non-human animal origin."
Back in 2006, one well-known Bigfoot hunter, C. Thomas Biscardi, was attracted to Arizona mainly due to reports from Fort Apache of a Sasquatch throwing rocks at people. A determined search, however, did not turn up any evidence of any sort of a Sasquatch. The lack of evidence has not deterred Biscardi, who has made two documentaries about Sasquatch. Biscardi has hunted for the creature for some 30 years. Some people allege Biscardi and his associates are fraudulent hoaxers.
Before dismissing the idea of Sasquatch as fanciful thinking or simply hysterical confusion, here is something to consider. One biologist thinks that there is a possibility -- slender, perhaps, that the creature is real. Dr. Joe Severson, who is admittedly interested in Bigfoot, says that he's not sure the creature does exist, but neither can he rule it out. This is something Dr. Jane Goodall has also said. During a talk at at the Missouri Space Museum at the end of March, Severson said while there is no hard evidence to prove the existence of Sasquatch, there is 100 years of "soft evidence," such as thousands of sightings, footprints and rare unexplained photographs or video footage.
Until there is conclusive evidence to prove or disprove Sasquatch, the myth remains one of the top-ten mysteries of all time for humans. According to the Epoch Times, the other top nine unsolved mysteries include the Hum; the Bermuda Triangle; unexplained disappearances of people; ghosts; Deja Vu; UFOs; near death experiences; the sixth sense; and the number one unexplained mystery, the placebo effect.
The most recent incident of an unexplained disappearance of a person can be found in Canada, where a Chalk River scientist named Lachlan Cranswick mysteriously vanished from his home near Ottawa in January. The case has frustrated and baffled police and relatives of the missing man, as it appears the man disappeared without a trace.
Uri Geller, the man who can do amazing things, with apparently nothing other than the power of his thoughts, is an example of the sixth sense. While controversial, no one has been able to demonstrate how Geller pulls off his feats, although it is said that television host Johnny Carson was able to prevent Geller from successfully performing once.
In the end, lacking evidence one way or the other, it is left up to readers to decide what they want to believe -- if they even want to believe. One thing is certain: every year, scientists announce the discoveries of more plants and animals previously unknown to the rest of the world. The world is still a very big place, and until it has been completely explored and catalogued, there is room for speculation.
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