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Hundreds in L.A. flocked to International Pillow Fight Day

By Sandy Sand     Apr 4, 2010 in Lifestyle
Feathers flew yesterday when hundreds of pillow-packin’ people flocked to downtown Los Angeles to smack each other silly in celebration of International Pillow Fight Day.
Los Angeles was one of 150 cities worldwide to participate in the event spearheaded by Newmindspace, a New York- Toronto-based public art group, that touts it as showing:
…how social media can be used to organize people to embrace urban public settings.
Others can interpret the pillow-slamming event as “throw it, they will come” or “people are so bored out of their minds, they will go anywhere and do anything” at the drop of a hint or a feather.
There are two rules: Don’t hit children or people with cameras.
Wearing surgical masks is suggested to protect participants from inhaling feathers when they begin to fly.
There may be only two rules for the people who descended upon Pershing Square, but there were strategies galore, and the pillow ammunition was variously described as being from the old, ratty and so dirty that no one would want to touch them, to brand new with the price tags hanging off them. Some people had pre-cut slits into their pillows, so the feathers would fly faster and more furiously.
Phil Holland’s idea of a good fight is to stay on the perimeter of the fray. The 30-year-old said:
"If you want to hit a lot of people, stay on the rim. Stay away from the middle, where brawlers can inflict a lot of damage. Another piece of advice: Don't inhale the feathers.
While most brought their own bedding or couch comfort decorator pillows, Chris Salvado, 18, and his two friends lay in wait with PMDs (Pillows of Mass Distruction), three couch cushions that they took from his parents home without their knowledge or permission.
Salvador said:
"These are military grade. It's like Mike Tyson locked in a pillow. This ain't a joke. This is a war."
Francis Co, 25, of Whittier said:
"You need to look for the weak ones.”
He also suggested wearing glasses without lenses.
"People generally don't hit you as hard if you're wearing glasses."
There were no reports of serious injuries, but Los Angeles Times writer, Mike Anton, noted:
… the streets ran thick with the down of the vanquished.
Considering the dire financial straights the City of Los Angeles is in, one must wonder who picked up the tab for cleaning up all that dusting of feathers.
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