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Op-Ed: Negative people can effect those around them

By KJ Mullins     Apr 2, 2010 in Lifestyle
Has ‘negativitis’ become a current trend in the work place? Does complaining about the world around you help to bring forth change? In the workplace one negative apple can bring down an entire office.
There are thousands of articles online that describe how to deal with negative people. A common theme mentioned in these articles is to remove toxic people from your life. That can work in most situations but what if that negative force is a co-worker? If your company has a human resources staff, talking to them about your concerns can be one route to go, talking to a supervisor is another.
Researchers at Ohio State University found that depressed people and non-depressed people are equal in their ability to learn negative information that was presented to them. What did differ was that depressed people were not as successful from learning positive information.
"Since depression is characterized by negative thinking, it is easy to assume that depressed people learn the negative lessons of life better than non-depressed people - but that's not true," said Laren Conklin, co-author of the study and a graduate student in psychology at Ohio State in a Medical News Today article.
Chuck Gallozzi wrote that "one characteristic of negative thinkers is their need to have the world behave according to their wishes." Negative thinkers tend to want a quick fix, and when a magic bullet doesn't appear they sink further into a negative aura. That type of thinking not only brings that person down but those around them.
Despite the thousands of articles dealing with how to relate to negative people, how can that be done if the individual is a family member or co-worker, especially in the present economic crisis when finding another job isn't an answer? A co-worker can make a job unbearable because of their negative energy. Today a new job may not be around the corner.
Negative employees can bring tension and hostility to the workplace. They can also be difficult to dislodge from a company if they are otherwise good workers. These employees can bring about aggression, decrease morale and increase turnover. Negative behavior is not something that new training can change. Sometimes for the sake of the many a good, but negative, worker has to be let go to save the office.
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