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article imageBanned Video Game RapeLay Goes Viral

By Carolyn E. Price     Apr 2, 2010 in Technology
Last year, an international women's group managed to get the 2006 PC game, RapeLay, banned from being sold in Japan. But today, it appears to have gone viral online.
RapeLay is a Japanese video hentai (which is described as 'erotic') game that allows players to attack and rape children and women at will. Last year, the game was banned and removed from store shelves but now, the video 'game' has gone viral on-line.
The premise of the game is described as follows: "Rapelay is a role playing game, which begins by letting a player choose a method of assault on a teenage girl at a subway. Gamers can grope her and lift her skirt. Players molest the girl, and even assault and rape her sister and mother. The ultimate goal of the game: to make the three women sex slaves, so the player can rape them whenever he desires to. When a girl gets pregnant, players have to force her to have an abortion."
The "teenage girl" described in the above paragraph is reported by Equality Now, a women's right's organization, (who undertook the initial campaign to have the game banned) as a 12-year-old whose family has been targeted for punishment because the 12-year-old victim's older sister reported an attempted sexual assault of a friend by the rapist. In other words, if you report a sexual assault, be prepared to face the consequences.
A representative of Equality Now, Taina Bien-Aime, believes that Japan needs to police these hentai game makers:
It's obviously very difficult to curtail activity on the internet. But the governments do have a role in trying to regulate this sort of extreme pornography of children, both in their countries, and through the Internet.
Kyle Cleveland, an associate professor of sociology at Temple University in Japan, told CNN that Japan produces some of "the most heinous examples of child pornography in the world." Cleveland said that the cultural norms of a Western society are totally divergent from those in Japan.
Japan has ways of expressing sexuality that are practically indecipherable to a Western sensibility but that are so normalized in Japan that the Japanese don't often understand or acknowledge the critiques that are made against them.
Japan is a patriarchal society. It has been historically and remains to this day. It's no surprise that this is expressed in mass media and pornography. The moral entrepreneurs that are scrutinizing Japan have both a feminist history and cultural tradition that is simply not in play in Japan.
It is being report that Japan is considering censorship laws that would criminalize the possession of real or and virtual images of child pornography.
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