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Expensive, artistic, old and weird, dildos were in the news

By Bob Gordon     Mar 28, 2010 in Lifestyle
Toronto - Dildos of every shape and size - from antiques to haute coûteux and from the wacky to the wonderful - were in the news last week throughout the European Union and in Canada.
The week of onanistic news began on March 19, 2010 when Parisien jeweller Maison Victor announced that it was offering a dildo for sale for $65,000 US: tres chic, tres coûteux. Jean-Francois Tokars, a manager at Maison Victor on Paris' posh place Vendome, described it as a "very high end product" that was "designed for rich people who want to declare their love in a special way." MSN Australia described the item as, a "luxury sex toy, a white gold dildo that comes in various sizes and comes apart to release the [wedding] ring studded with 117 diamonds."
In Dresden artistic dildos made of local sandstone, known as Elbe sandstone were in the news on March 23, 2010. reports that, "after travelling the world for six years as a pole dancer, [Dina] Stiebing returned to Dresden to open 'Fem2Glam' with the aim of bringing international style to the city's erotic performers." The stone dildos are manufactured by Relaxstone. offers a wide variety of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs made from diverse materials including Elbe sandstone. Fem2Glam is the first retail outlet to carry there line of erotic toys.
The English got into the phallic picture when Brentwood Antique Auction's auction house in Brentwood, Essex, England sold a pair of eighteenth century phalluses at auction last week for more than $5,300 US. The bidder choose to remain anonymous.
Finally, if all of this sex toy news was not enough The Toronto Sun published the weirdest sex toy story of the week on Friday, August, 26, 2010. On that date the Sun reported that a Toronto man had been found not guilty of choking his girlfriend into sexual unconsciousness during sex but had been found guilty of sexual assault when he anally sodomized her with a dildo as she lay unconscious.
However, that conviction was overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal on Thursday, March 25, 2010. "Justice Janet Simmons wrote [in her decision] that nothing in the law prohibits a person from consenting in advance to sexual touching expected to happen while they’re unconscious. To find otherwise would reduce personal freedom, limiting a person’s ability to choose who can touch their body and when."
On both sides of the Atlantic, from Toronto to Dresden, and at points in between, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and other phallus-like objects were in the headlines last week.
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