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Save hundreds of $$$s, clip coupons

By Bob Gordon     Mar 28, 2010 in Lifestyle
Diligent coupon clippers save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year and they don't buy just junk food and stuff they don't need. Meet the 'extreme shoppers' known as super coupon clippers.
For a segment that aired on March 25, 2010 Nightline gave Nathan Engels, aka "Mr. Coupon," and Jill Cataldo, aka "The Coupon Queen," $50 and said buy as much stuff as you can. They returned with hundreds of dollars worth of goods and hundreds of dollars of savings. Engels told Nightline, "People that just sort of haphazardly clip their coupons and stroll through the aisle, they're going to save a little, but they're not going to make a huge difference at their bottom line on their grocery budget," but extreme shoppers or super coupon clippers can literally save thousands of dollars per year on essential, quality products
Engels operates the website and is an unabashed lover of coupons: "A coupon is an amazing thing. Most people look at them and think something along the lines of 'a waste of time or too much effort.' But I look at this little piece of paper as life giving!!" He truly believes that coupons have changed his life, "My mentality about spending and saving was altered because I came to understand a basic principle: why pay for something later when I can get it for free now?" He argues that he uses coupons so efficiently that frequently he is being paid to take product off the shelves of stores., his website, is a clearing house for coupon information. The forum offers visitors a chance to post their best coupon clipping advice and benefit from the coupon clipping expertise of other extreme shoppers. The latest posting is from MFH and notes:
$4 RR wyb participating Dove Hair Care products ($4) : FREE After Register Reward
Dove Shampoos & Conditioners 8 oz or 12oz
Dove Hair Styling & Treatment products 7 – 9.25oz
Yep, comfirmed by GWC on his blog
Two forum readers responded to thank MFH, and, presumably, loaded up on free hair products from dove for the next year. The forums even include threads by manufacturer and retailer to allow viewers to target their couponing savvy to their preferred products and outlets. There is also a coupon database that allows visitors to the site to search for coupons by region, retailer, brand and other categories.
Jill Cataldo, also known as "The Coupon Queen," teaches classes in Chicago and writes a nationally syndicated column about coupons. "Our weekly grocery bills right now for our family of five are between $40 and $60."And that's everything, pets, child and diapers, everything," she told Nightline. Her website identifies her as, "the founder of Super-Couponing® coupon workshops, author of the nationally-syndicated newspaper column 'The Coupon Queen,' and, according to ABC News, 'one of the premier coupon experts in the country!'" It also includes links to dozens of sites that offer printable coupons and promises, "Stick with me, and you'll never shop the same way again."
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