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Alaska police sends out SWAT team after pizza snatched

By Stephanie Dearing     Mar 23, 2010 in Crime
Four people were arrested in Anchorage, Alaska after allegedly robbing a pizza delivery person of his pizza -- at gunpoint.
Anchorage, Alaska - Could it be that Sicily's Pizza is so good that four people would risk criminal charges to get their hands on some of that pizza pie? Maybe it was a dare that got out of hand. Whatever the motivation was, Anchorage police said they have arrested four youths after they stole a pizza from a delivery person on Sunday night in a northwest neighbourhood of Anchorage. When the youths barricaded themselves in an apartment, a SWAT team was called out. Lieutenant Dave Parker told the Anchorage Daily News the defiant teens had "... communicated to the officers that they knew they were going to jail and they didn't want to come out because they wanted to eat the pizza."
The bizarre story began on Sunday night around 11:30 pm when a Sicily Pizza delivery driver was approaching a house to deliver a pizza. Police say the driver was confronted by one male teen, who was brandishing a gun and a stick. Three other teens then attacked the driver from behind. The driver put up a fight and the kids snatched the pizza and ran off. The pizza delivery driver then followed the teens to an apartment on a nearby street.
When police arrived, one girl was outside of the apartment while the other three were locked inside, eating their ill-gotten prize. When the youths refused to comply with police demands to come out, the police brought in the SWAT team. The SWAT team were able to enter the apartment and the youths were arrested.
Police say two of those teens were underage girls, and the two were 19 year old males. The young men have been charged with first degree robbery, third degree assault, and resisting an officer. The underage girls were charged with robbery and assault. Police said the youths did not attempt to steal the delivery driver's money.
The police did not say if the pizza theft was related to drug or alcohol use. It is presumed that the pizza was consumed. Police did not say if the customer who had ordered the pizza ever got his or her pizza pie.
Crime in the Mountainview neighbourhood, where the armed pizza theft occurred, is rife. Assaults, theft, and vandalism are the most prevalent form of crime reported in the area. The city has a population of approximately 260,000.
Some of Anchorage's 2008 crime statistics hover just below rates for similar crimes committed in Detroit, Michigan, most notably statistics for rape and theft. Detroit is infamous for its high crime rates.
Additional Information, March 23 10:05 pm EST:
It appears that the pizza hijack was a planned event. An Anchorage radio station, KTVA, has reported that the pizza delivery driver was sent to a fictitious address.
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