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article imageOp-Ed: The Best Benefits of Health Care Reform You Never Knew About

By Paul Bright     Mar 23, 2010 in Politics
Now that the health care reform bill is official law, the debate is over. But whether you are for or against this reform, you'll still benefit.
Its official: The biggest overhaul of health care reform is now law. Dubbed “Obamacare”, the American public is now supposed to have better health care options at lower costs while any expenditure will be reduced by money saved. There are many, many Americans that weren’t opposed to health care reform but definitely opposed to the way this bill was enacted. You won’t find many Americans opposed to benefits such as extended coverage for dependents, no more lifetime caps and closing the doughnut hole for prescription drug costs; but you will find many Americans opposed to the political ramifications and possible future deficits that could come from this new health care bill.
But enough about that. Let’s talk about the real benefits of health care reform and how, no matter the political view, you can benefit from this bill.
1. You now have a real reason to lose weight. We used to just lose weight so we could feel better about ourselves or fit into that nifty sports car we always wanted. But now we have a real reason. If you are for this health care reform, the company you work for might try to avoid paying for health care by incentivizing weight loss. It costs way less to keep you on the job versus in the hospital because you ate McMeals every day. It’s no secret that obesity is the leading contributing factor in wonderful conditions like heart disease and diabetes. If you are against this health care reform, you’ve got one more reason to not be on the death panel. And since your kids will be paying for health care reform later, keep their travel and hospital stay costs down by staying off the gurney.
2. Quitting smoking is easier to do. Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break, especially when so many celebrities look cool doing it and, despite the recession, we could somehow still afford the $30 a carton but not the $1,000 emergency room bill for that cough we couldn't shake. Are you for health care reform? Keep those tax bills low by eliminating second hand smoke from your children’s lungs. Sure, you can no longer be lifetime limited or denied care for pre existing lung cancer by your insurance companies, but don’t give them a reason to jack up rates. If you are against health care reform you don’t want to chance getting treated for lung cancer 10 years from now by doctors who are charging crazy fees to make up that huge tax deficit we’re supposed to have.
3. Emergency Room wait times will decrease. If you are for health care reform, there are provisions that computerize health data so doctors don’t have to scramble around running unnecessary tests on patients. If you are against health care reform, those death panels might keep granny from being treated anyway. That’s one less customer ahead of you.
4. America’s youth will rise. For those who support this health care reform, federal funding for abortions has virtually been eliminated. That’s more kids with a chance to grow up and be productive, Social Security fund-contributing working citizens. For those against health care reform, this is a chance for parents to have “the talk” with their teens a lot sooner. Maybe they’ll think twice about unprotected sex and early pregnancy. You’ll need their working tax dollars to go towards reducing that deficit and stimulating the economy versus child care and formula.
5. America’s fighting forces will be at peak strength. Those who are for this health care reform are sure to give their children a fighting chance to become the world’s greatest soldiers. The quicker they can heal from better health care coverage for children, the better. For those against reform, it’s no secret that the government employee’s own health care program is the best in the world. Military members may not get paid much, but the HMO-style care costs nearly nothing for them OR their families. Serve as a Federal employee and you’ll pay far less than other working Americans for coverage.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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