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article imageOp-Ed: Where is our proper representation in the health-care vote?

By Richard Ivan Cronkhite     Mar 20, 2010 in Politics
Health care cost control troubles? No problem: the Teamsters with the "Coalition to Win" of Andy Stern will help run it. How is Andy Stern’s Service Employees International Union profiting from Obama's health care proposal?
Andy Stern’s Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is the result of a bitter split from the AFL-CIO and it represents janitors, security guards, urban day care providers, some assisted living personnel, some nurses, and now pharmacists. "Yes, we can" is also the motto of this union of purple and gold shirts.
As the New York Times writes:
"Using Obama's words against him is particularly effective a day after he told the Washington Post that he didn't campaign on a public plan and challenged his critics to identify any 'gap' between what he campaigned on last year and the health care legislation Congress is on the verge of passing."
It appears that the SEIU has just devised a way to tax college students and political rivals in this country for the advantage of their union members and employers. The coalition of the few is attempting to destroy freedom of individuals to choose to pay for their own health care.
It is important to realize that Hyde Park, Chicago is the urban neighborhood in south Chicago of the private school established by J.D. Rockefeller, the University of Chicago. President Obama was even an administrator for their hospitals. And now his presidency is aiding the "Saul Alinsky-modeled" coalition of the SEIU, physicians, and workers in benefiting from the under-represented. The AARP is also now associating with the SEIU, and even the leaders of other unions have expressed their concern. Of course they will also want to be paid for representation. The ambitious and under-represented have been turned into resources for the use of the "organized".
For a description of how this coalition may work, see the inset photo. This "think tank" product is the result of a discussion of Andy Stern’s book, A Country That Works.
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