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article imageOp-Ed: Health care's future in doubt

By Michael Bearak     Mar 17, 2010 in Politics
The House of Representatives are about to try and push through the heavily contested health care reform legislation and possibly with no accountability.
The House of Representatives is attempting to pass the Senate's version of the health care reform bill. The problem is, most people don't seem to be in-favor of it, even the people that want health care reform legislation. Now Pelosi and some Democrats are preparing to use a vote method that would conceal whether a member of the House voted for or against the bill in order to protect people who are against what they are voting for, so people in their districts won't be able to see their voting record.
People who say we don't need reform, I disagree with, but I also disagree with forcing a bill down the throats of people, by people who in their hearts can't stand up and be public with their support.
Wednesday Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich announced that he would be voting in-favor of the legislation. Last week he was strongly opposed to the legislation. That was before President Obama flew him around on Air Force One. A normal person would then wonder what was said or promised to change someone who was so strongly opposed to the legislation just a week ago to being for it? Will this be another Ben Nelson and the state of Ohio receive some form of compensation? What Kucinich said was that this legislation was important for the legacy of President Obama's administration. Really? Would it be better to get something that will be good and strong for all Americans? Something that he was able to get support from both sides of the aisle on? That would cement his legacy.
Then their is House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi who simply assured people that they would see what was in the bill once it was passed. That is like buying a car or house without going inside or test driving the vehicle, who would agree to that? People need to know what they are getting, people need to know what is going on within legislation, wouldn't that be the transparency that President Obama assured everyone?
There are so many questions, but right now as of today it doesn't look like the Democrats have the votes, which is good. I don't say that as a Republican, I say that as someone who wants what is best for all Americans, not something that might bankrupt our country. I say that as someone who wants to see something better come out of Congress that people on both sides of the aisle can agree on and disagree on. A true melting pot of opinions and positions.
Why does it have to be done now? Look at all of these questions that I have and I am one person. It isn't important to push something through just to say they got something in place. Obama is just a little over one year into his term, what does he accomplish by forcing something bad through just to say he got it done in his first 18 months? Quantity or quality, what is our government trying to attain?
People need to speak up, call their representative and voice their opinion, ask questions. Find out what your representative knows. Regardless of your position, listen talk, make a decision. Don't let the House of Representatives hide their vote, don't let them force a legislation that we will all have to pay for upon us without talking to your Representative first.
This week could change the future of America. Based on what the House of Representatives is considering, they are going to side-step our Constitution. The same Constitution that these people took an oath to support.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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