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article imageBirthday boy, 3, left at Michigan restaurant

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Mar 16, 2010 in Crime
Warren - A birthday party was held at Caesarland pizzeria to celebrate a little boy's third birthday. There were about 20 people present to celebrate the big day. The problem is everyone left and no one took the boy with them.
The little 3-year-old had a fun birthday celebration with relatives and friends, gifts and pizza. The party started around 5:30 p.m. and ended around 7 p.m on March 13.
The manager of the restaurant noticed the little boy alone around 9 p.m. He took the child around to those at the restaurant asking people if they knew who the boy was.
The police were called and they took the child to headquarters and called Child Protective Services. They took the boy and he was temporarily placed into foster care.
Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said, "It’s pretty bizarre. “They have this birthday party for the 3-year-old. It starts at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday and ends at around 7 p.m. Everybody leaves. There were about 20 people that were there at the party, including the mother and father, the grandmother, and some relatives and friends.” reports that at 1 p.m. Monday police said corporate security for the restaurant called them to say they were contacted by a man who was inquiring about his missing 3-year-old son. reports Dwyer said, "The father is indicating... that he thought that the mother had picked up the three-year-old. They're separated, but they live in the same apartment complex. The mother is telling us that she thought that the father or grandmother had taken the three-year-old home." reports "The mother had apparently called the father Sunday and asked if he had the 3-year-old. He said, ‘I don’t have him.’ She calls the grandmother and she said she didn’t have him,” Dwyer said. “She does nothing.”
Dwyer said in his nearly 50 years as a cop this is one of the most outrageous and disturbing things he has seen.
"How can they forget or assume that the other parent for two days has their son? I mean, there's no excuse for this," said Dwyer. reports the parents have been released but the boy remains in foster care.
Dwyer said, "We're looking at charges anywhere from abandonment to child abuse and we'll be presenting our finding to the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office."
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