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article imageRush Limbaugh will move to Costa Rica if health reform passed

By Andrew Moran     Mar 10, 2010 in Politics
Conservative radio shock jock Rush Limbaugh said he will move to Costa Rica if Washington approves President Barack Obama's health care reform initiative.
If the President’s health care reform is passed in the United States then Rush Limbaugh will leave the country and seek medical treatment in Costa Rica, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. However, Limbaugh addressed the comments on his website to provide his listeners and the media what he actually meant.
Limbaugh was asked by a caller, reports WITN, what he would do if Washington passes the health care reform and the radio host said he doesn’t know right now but if it’s implemented five years from now “I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”
However, as the media is jumping on this story, Limbaugh clarified on his website of what actually transpired between him and the caller, reports Newsmax. Limbaugh explained that his comments have been taken out of context and reporters have been consistently asking him if he meant what he said if Obamacare passes.
“So a guy calls up and says, ‘If all this happens, what are you going to do?’ “And I said, ‘Well, if doctors are not permitted to opt out of the government insurance pool and so forth, Medicare, Medicaid, whatever it is, and if they're not allowed to establish a private practice with private sector patients paying their own way, then I'll go to Costa Rica,” said Limbaugh in a statement issued on his website.”
Limbaugh further added that many insurance companies are setting up camp in Costa Rica because they believe they’ll be put out of business if health care reform is passed. The host stated that they are creating health care clinics and putting in quality doctors in places like Costa Rica, “They're going to continue to sell policies to people who have the ability to fly down there and get treatment.”
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