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article imageHospital patient begs police for help, dies from dehydration

By Elliot Meszaros     Mar 9, 2010 in Health
London - After three days of having water denied to him in a leading teaching hospital a 22-year old became so dehydrated that he rang police.
When officers arrived at the scene they were told by doctors that there was nothing wrong with the male patient in question, Kane Gorny.
After finding her son delirious the next morning and watching him die a small time afterwards Gorny’s mother Rita Cronin said that the nurses had failed to administer a vital drug, essential to control the levels of fluid in his body.
Ms Cronin stated that she felt “totally betrayed” by the nurses who were supposed to look after him and said that Gorny was “totally dependant” on their care.
The case was referred to the police by a coroner, police are now investigating laying manslaughter charges against St George's Hospital in South London.
Gorny himself was an enthusiastic runner and football player before he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was admitted into St George’s in May last year as he was in need of a hip replacement following the weakening effects his medication had on his bones. After the operation he was unable to move or get out of bed.
Ms Cronin said that two days after he had had the hip operation he became extremely dehydrated yet his requests for water were denied.
That same day, while Ms Cronin was at work, he became aggressive and had to be restrained by hospital security guards. The extent of his dehydration was so severe that he rang the police, asking for help.
According to Ms Cronin: "The police told me he'd said, `Please help me. All I want is a drink and no one is helping me.'
"By this time my son was confused due to his lack of medication and I think the nurses ignored him because they thought he was just being badly behaved."
Before work the next morning Ms Cronin visited him. "I told three nurses there was something wrong with my son and they said, `He's fine' and walked off. I started to cry and a locum doctor told me not to worry.
"Eventually the ward doctor came round, took one look at Kane and started shouting for help. He died an hour later."
Kane Gorny’s death certificate stated that he had died of "hypernatraemia", or dehydration.
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