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article imageMichael Moore to Obama: Give me Rahm Emanuel's job

By Chris Dade     Mar 7, 2010 in Politics
American filmmaker Michael Moore has written an open letter to President Barack Obama in which he warns of heavy Democrat losses in this year's Senate elections and suggests he should replace Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff.
The letter, which can be viewed at either the Liberal filmmaker's own website or at the Huffington Post and was written on March 5, generally praises Emanuel for the job he has done as "the one who BEAT UP the bullies to protect us from them".
By bullies he means the right-wing Republicans, or Republicans in general, who he accuses of saying no to every policy the President proposes and of being ".... ALL Rahm Emanuels. That's why they usually win".
Beginning his letter:Dear President Obama,
I understand you may be looking to replace Rahm Emanuel as your chief of staff.
I would like to humbly offer myself, yours truly, as his replacement
Moore - director and producer of documentary films such as Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Capitalism: A Love Story - goes on to explain that the reason Emanuel should be replaced is that he has "turned into a fighter -- not of Republicans, but of the left".
Lamenting the fact that "...not one banking regulation has been reinstated. We don't have universal health care. The war in Afghanistan has escalated. And tens of thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs and be thrown out of their homes" Moore calls the President a "good guy" who "came to Washington with your hand extended to the Republicans and they just chopped it off".
Unhappy with the bipartisanship the President continues to seek Moore issues the following warning towards the end of a letter he signs "Retardedly yours" - seemingly a reference to Emanuel's description of those who want universal health care as "f***ing retarded":Let me be clear about one thing: The Democrats on Election Day 2010 are going to get an ass-whoopin' of biblical proportions if things don't change right now. And after the new Republican majority takes over, they, along with a few conservative Democrats in Congress, will get to bipartisanly impeach you for being a socialist and a citizen of Kenya. How nice to see both sides of the aisle working together again!
And the brief window we had to fix this country will be gone.
Gone, baby, gone
When endorsing Obama in April 2008, initially to be the Democratic candidate in the Presidential election and then to be the winner of that race, Moore spoke of the party he chooses to support as "a nicer version of a party that exists to do the bidding of the corporate elite in this country" and apparently worthy of his support principally because they are not the Republicans.
And the open letter he wrote on Friday to the man whose "movement" he asserted should "stay alert and active" because "Corporate America is not going to give up their hold on our government just because we say so" is by no means his first.
In November he implored the President not to indicate that he would be increasing the number of troops the U.S. has in Afghanistan during a speech he was due to give to cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on December 1.
That letter did not have the desired effect as the President announced the deployment of an additional 30,000 troops to take effect by the summer of 2010.
Prior to that open letter, within hours of the announcement on October 9 that President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Moore wrote another to the President congratulating him and praising him for taking the U.S. "in a much more sane direction".
Yet he cautioned that "You have to end our involvement in Afghanistan now. If you don't, you'll have no choice but to return the prize to Oslo".
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