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Windows 7 Phone Details Released

By James He     Mar 6, 2010 in Technology
The Windows 7 Phone released at February's Mobile World Congress did not specify many details. But now finally the details of the Windows 7 Phone have been released.
There have been a lot of questions about the Windows 7 Series Phone or Windows Phone 7 Series. Microsoft announced the phone and showed it off in February at the Mobile World Congress. This phone will not be released any time soon. Microsoft stated the phone will start shipping during this year’s holiday season. It could ship as early as late September or as late as early October.
Microsoft has been working with carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, and more. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that the company is working closely with Orange and AT&T to have the Windows 7 Mobile launched.
The mobile interface will be touch screen and multi-touch. Microsoft did not say anything about multitasking, but they did say the operating system was designed to give a great user experience. This could possibly mean you can listen to music and browse the web at the time. Additional details about the phone is said to be revealed at the MIX conference.
Will the phone be able to support flash? Eventually it will. Microsoft is working very hard to bring flash to the Windows Phone 7 Series. Unfortunately, it will not be likely be on the first set of phones that are shipped during the holiday season.
The phone will come out in three models: Chassis 1, Chassis 2 and Chassis 3. Chassis 1 will have a touch screen with a 1 GHz processor and a decent graphics accelerator. Chassis 2 will also have a touch screen, but with a key board ( a la Palm Treo). Chassis 3 is a “complete mystery,” most said. Some suspects it to be “a candy-bar-type form factor.” Microsoft did not comment on the rumours and speculations.
Microsoft did not share the full details about the Zune experience for Windows Phone 7 Series. Generally they will have the same features with music and video support. Users will be able to access content on their computer, and get online media service. There also should be a built-in FM radio feature most likely to be already added on the mobile. “Users will be able to use the Zune Social to share media recommendations with others,” stated Cnet Reviews.
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