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article imageOp-Ed: Kobo Changes the Concept of E-readers

By James He     Mar 5, 2010 in Technology
E-readers are convenient when it comes to reading books and other texts. However there are many disadvantages in them. They don't seem nearly as nice when you actually look at it. Here is something that could change the whole idea of using e-readers.
With all the e-reader hype, we consumers just don’t know which to buy. We all want the best and the one that most suits our needs. Yet we worry about the price about being too high. There isn’t an e-reader that can do everything we want it to and yet be cheap at the same time. With the competitive e-reader market, choosing a device simply is not an option.
The Sony E-reader series have come out for quite a while, and when Amazon’s Kindle came out, the hype started. All companies trying to create an e-reader that sells just like the Kindle. With so many of these devices each having the specialty of their own, it makes it impossible to choose between them. The Kindle offers text to speech where the device reads a book to you and the ultra slimness makes it a must have device. When you look at the Costco Aluratek, it’s cheap just under $200.
The idea now is to forget all about e-readers. With a new mobile application, it makes us wonder why we bothered to pay so much in the first place. “Kobo”, which Indigo may distribute, is where mobile users of any kind can get access to books.
The concept of an e-reader is to make getting access to books easier. Instead of going to a book store, the bookstore comes to you. E-readers are devices that are specially designed to carry books and making it more convenient for us to read them. With the Kobo, it promotes this concept and makes e-readers seem like a waste of money. E-readers are not easy to carry and usually just stays at home, while they are supposed to perform differently. They are meant to allow users to carry books and more with them everywhere they go. With e-readers, it is simply not possible.
Kobo however can make this happen. This software is compatible with most mobile phones that accept applications, and even your computer. After reading say ten pages on your computer, Kobo application will put you on the eleventh page.
Unlike e-readers, the Kobo application will allow convenience to when and where the user wants to read. The Kobo application did not have a release date, but was said to be on the market soon. The devices the Kobo application will be available for download are the Apple Iphone, Blackberry series, Google Android, and the Palm Pre. Unlike the price of books on most e-readers, Kobo books are fairly cheap with most at only $11.99. There is an option to read a few pages of the book to help decide whether you want to purchase this book or not. The Kobo can change the whole of idea of using e-readers. The Kobo application is free making it more affordable than e-readers.
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