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Twitter reaches 10 billion tweets, no sign of slowing down

By Brenton Currie     Mar 4, 2010 in Internet
Twitter today reached another milestone for the micro-messaging service, with more than 10 billion tweets now having been sent on the network by its millions of users.
Ironically the ten billionth tweet was sent by a protected account, meaning no one can actually see what the tweet was about.
Twitter CEO Evan Williams tweeted shortly before the 10 billionth tweet was sent that he and the team at Twitter were keenly watching the count on GigaTweet, a service which displays the amount of tweets sent, near the milestone.
"Watching the big board roll over to 10B tweets with the team," he said.
"One instance where I can say we should ignore our privacy policy: when big round numbers are involved," Twitter employee Doug Williams tweeted after the mark had been reached in reaction to the tweet's protection.
It's possible to tell that the 10 billionth mark has been reached because each tweet is assigned an ordered unique numerical id, and tweets are now being assigned numbers over 10 billion.
Although the ten billionth tweet is unavailable, the 9,999,999,999 tweet isn't protected, and was posted by Twitter user lelamarques and led to a website with examples of Urban Decay Photography. The 10,000,000,001 tweet is also available.
With the first billion tweets mark reached in November 2008, growth has continued substantially, so much so that the five billion mark was met just four months ago, in October last year. Unfortunately as many Twitter users point out, most of these tweets are just re-tweets, from spam bots or updates from RSS feeds, making the number of human based tweets likely a lot lower.
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