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article imageNBA: Jordan takes a hands-on approach with Bobcats

By Michael Bearak     Mar 1, 2010 in Sports
Michael Jordan took over ownership and operations of the Charlotte Bobcats after Bob Johnson accepted Jordan's offer for ownership on Friday night.
One of the many complaints in Charlotte of Bob Johnson has been his lack of presence in Charlotte and with the team. Monday morning in Charlotte on WFNZ's Mac Attack with Chris McClain and Jim Celania both took turns commenting on their experiences with the former Bobcats owner. Both men felt that they would give Michael Jordan a chance even though he has been a minority owner and has not taken a very active role with the team
Monday Jordan decided to change all of that on essentially day one when he attended the team's shoot. Afterwords he decided challenge Gerald Henderson to a game of H-O-R-S-E losing both games to the rookie. Jordan, a University of North Carolina graduate wasted no time talking trash to the Duke graduate Gerald Henderson taking their school's rivalry to the pros.
Henderson didn't waste much time dispatching the Hall of Fame inductee. Jordan didn't waste time renewing one of his best known traits of talking trash. While he couldn't beat Henderson he did his best to get into the young man's head with a relentless barrage of insults.
In game two Jordan got hot hitting a three-pointer and a free-throw with his eyes closed. In an effort to try and rattle Henderson, Jordan said, "What do you think, I just dunked my whole career?"
It didn't phase Henderson though as he looked back at his new employer and said, "You've got to miss eventually." Jordan replied that Cleveland thought the same thing, a reference to his 1989 last second game winning shot in the playoffs. The difference though was Jordan did start missing and Henderson was able to capitalize and took the second game as well.
The Bobcats have been a financial drain on their former owner, Jordan hopes to turn that around and the NBA is ready to make quick work to make the ownership change. Commissioner David Stern was quoted as saying he expected the sale to be finalized by the end of the month.
It seems like the attitude of the team might be changing along with the ownership. Gerald Henderson was quoted as saying, "With him buying the team a few days ago, it brings a different spirit to everything we're doing. It's good to have him around."
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