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article image7-month-old girl survives global warming-inspired suicide pact

By Chris Dade     Mar 1, 2010 in Crime
A seven-month-old baby girl from a city in northeastern Argentina has survived a suicide pact that claimed the lives of her two-year-old brother and her parents. The deaths are being attributed to the parents' fear of the impact of global warming.
The deaths of the baby girl's parents and brother were discovered on Thursday afternoon after neighbors noticed a strong odor coming from the family's home in the city of Goya, in the province of Corrientes, and contacted the local police.
Upon entering the home that Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 22 or 23, shared with their two children police found the bodies of the couple's young son - he had been shot in the back - and the couple themselves.
Both Lotero and Coletti had been shot in the chest and the Clarin, Argentina's largest newspaper, notes that a .38 caliber revolver was found in the hand of Miriam Coletti.
Yet amid the tragedy, which the Latin American Herald Tribune says was prompted by "the couple’s worry about global warming and their anger at the government’s lack of interest in the matter", police call it a miracle.
Despite having been shot in the chest and laying for three days covered in her own blood, a 7-month-old baby girl survived the attempt by her parents to kill her.
The young girl was taken to the Hospital Zonal de Goya where it was confirmed that her survival was due to the bullet from what was allegedly her father's gun missing her vital organs. And according to the Telegraph doctors treating the unnamed girl have indicated that she is now out of any danger.
It is believed that the deaths of the girl's brother and parents occurred on February 21, which may mean that she actually laid undiscovered for a total of four days.
Neighbors apparently saw little of the family and therefore were not surprised that they had not laid eyes on the two young children and their mother and father for what was less than a week.
As for the state of mind of the parents - the father was supposedly also known as Francis Giorgi and "was engaged in selling 'weeds' and was a healer, making home remedies" - the Clarin spoke to local tobacco farmer Charles Coletti, the father of Miriam Coletti.
He described how he and his family had a difficult relationship with Lotero, born in to a wealthy family from which he was estranged, and spoke too of the relationship between his daughter and her older partner.
Coletti observed that Lotero:was very short with us, spoke little and was driving my daughter
adding, in respect of his daughter, that Lotero:was very jealous and barely let her speak, had completely dominated, invoking the age difference
On the subject of the couple's motive for killing themselves and their children, which was revealed in the suicide note found by police, he explained:The healer said as little as I could, but every time he delivered/made a speech he made reference to global warming and said that the Earth was going to melt
A member of Lotero's family who did seem to have some contact with the dead man commented:In recent times he looked nervous, ill, very depressed, wanted to stop quackery, wanted nothing more than that
Readers should note that while the English translation of the Clarin article they are able to access may be somewhat ambiguous in respect of the gender of the 7-month-old baby the Telegraph and New York Daily News are very clear about the baby being a girl.
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