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article imageTilikum the Killer Whale and "Breakfast of Champions"

By Richard Ivan Cronkhite     Feb 27, 2010 in Entertainment
Tilikum, the killer whale, attacked a trainer after a show. These animals are highly intelligent natural predators which are ALMOST always predictable. But why does it have to be the trainer's fault?
Perhaps another Hoosier can add some insight into the fatal attack of Dawn Brancheau of Cedar Lake, Indiana by a captive killer whale.
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s Breakfast of Champions, or Good-Bye Blue Monday is relevant to this sad set of circumstances and I think it should be considered at a time like this. In Breakfast of Champions, Kilgore Trout, an out-of print science fiction writer, created an alien character that came from a planet which communicated by tap dancing and farting. The alien was killed in a sad incident as well. He he tried to explain his circumstances in a bedroom on earth, he was promptly killed by a man with a five iron. "A total lack of communication." Kilgore Trout's other novel described in this book is one that "poisoned" the mind of a Pontiac car salesman in Indiana. That novel told the reader that "he was the only one with "free will". Apparently a "Free Willy" does too. The pony tail dropped on the rostrum, and "Good-Bye Blue Monday"!.
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