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More pressure on Israel: a scent of ethnic cleansing in the air?

By R. C. Camphausen     Feb 24, 2010 in Health
How is it possible that Israel, of all nations, can be involved in a covert form of ethnic cleansing when the debilitating effects of such racism are so intimately known. It seems that 21st century Israelis are white supremacists.
While the direct sources for this news item, Russia Today and United Arab Emirate's newspaper The National are surely not without their own agenda, what they report is in fact based on Israeli voices - people within Israel with first-hand knowledge who allege, quite convincingly, that there's a hidden, unofficial but nevertheless perfectly working policy to disable Jewish Ethiopian immigrants to bear children.
What is only called racism in the articles and video's available online, comes down to what the modern world often calls ethnic cleaning; getting rid of an unwanted ethnic group within a given society. Although there have been previous allegations that Ethiopian immigrants have been victims of racism within Israel, the present revelations of consciously controlling the fertility of Ethiopian women inside Israel are especially odious.
From the report of Racheli Mangoli, a woman who has been running a youth center in one of Israel's poorer communities for four years, it emerges that among the forty-five Ethiopian families only one baby has been born in the neighborhood, and this was what alerted Racheli Mangoli.
In the video she says: “I smelt something not good. I know about the discrimination here – when I am going with the children, I feel this even when I am going to the supermarket. One women said to me ‘I don¹t know how you can stand next to people like this. When they give me money – I am going and washing my hands.’”
Going much further with her suspicion, or her allegations, she thinks - along with others - that there is an unofficial yet clearly implemented policy to prevent dark-skinned Ethiopian women from having children. And how does one manage that? By giving the women a controversial contraceptive drug known by the name of Depo Provera. It's an easy way for women to ensure they won't get pregnant, and the the women easily agree to be injected with it ... because no one tells them about the potentially risky side effects.
Only a quick glance at the PDF the pharmaceutical company provides shows anyone - who reads English and has Internet access - that this is nothing less than pure poison, but a possibly illiterate woman without computer and afraid to get pregnant will most likely accede to what the doctor says - and then suffer the consequences.
While Israeli authorities claim that there is no "official" policy concerning the fertility (or infertility) of Ethiopian women, a simple mathematical exercise can shed light on the likelihood that this is is true or false.
While the Ethiopian community in Israel accounts for only 1 or 2 percent of the population, 60% of the drug Depo Provera is being proscribed (in Israel) to this minority.
Interesting to note is also that even though the American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has warned about this drug in 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) has never acted as expected and banned the so-called medicine.
It is advised to watch the video's available at RT.
Disclosure: I am not anti-semitic. I support the right of existence for the state of Israel. I'm for Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas and Hezbollah, but I'm also also against the wall, against more settlements and against cutting off water and other necessities from the Palestinians. I can imagine that I'll stand with Israel if it drops a bomb on Iran, yet I'm utterly against any policy that has a similar scent to the one of Nazi Germany.
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