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article imageCaptain Condom, Wonder Vag star in sex-ed video game Special

By Ken Wightman     Feb 19, 2010 in Health
London - In London, Ontario, young people from 15 to 24 account for almost three quarters of the known chlamydia cases and more than half the gonorrhea infections. With the STI numbers still on the rise, the health unit has called upon the sex squad for help.
The Middlesex (yes that is the name) -London Health Unit in London, Ontario, has raised more than a few eyebrows, but amazingly few hackles, in releasing an Internet-based sex-ed game aimed at teens. Overall the response has been quite positive.
Called Adventures In Sex City, the video features such characters as Captain Condom, Wonder Vag, Power Pap and Willy the Kid. Hmmm . . . I don't think we're in London anymore Toto.
Captain Condom is a scientist who was bitten by the I've-got-to-invent-the-perfect-condom bug. Due to a freak lab accident he is now half man and half condom. Wonder Vag is a virgin who believes in true love and promotes abstinence before marriage. Power Pap is sexually active but gets tested regularly and, I trust, now practises safe sex as she had one close encounter of the STI kind. Willy the Kid is small but is still a powerful member, can we use that word, of the sex squad. He proves that size doesn't matter.
So if you've got pressing questions about sexually transmitted infections, "Who ya gonna call?" The answer is the Sex Squad.
According to the game, "Sex City is in a panic because of the terrible Sperminator" who is out to spread STIs to all and sundry --- or at least to all those who are sexually active, sexually careless and sexually uninformed. The sex squad to the rescue.
Players choose one of the sex squad members to represent them as they play the true or false game. An incorrect answer gets a shot from the Sperminator's, shall we say, well-hung arms. But a correct answer enables your avatar to block the ejected and infected sperm with a condom. No matter whether you answer correctly or not, nothing blocks the attached explanation of the correct answer.
Shaya Dhinsa, manager of sexual health for the health unit, says this game is likely the first of its kind produced by a health unit in Ontario and maybe Canada. "We worked with the not-for-profit Mindyourmind based in London." The health unit supplied some of the graphics and all of the questions and answers. Mindyourmind applied their expertise and worked with young people to develop the game.
So does it have appeal? Is it a success? The numbers seem to say, "Yes!" The health unit's website was averaging between 800 and 900 hits a day, but immediately received four times this number on launching the educational game. Each day the number of visitors climbs; Last Wednesday the health unit had more than 41,500 hits to its site.
The cartoon game is garnering attention from Web surfers around the world. Everyone from those running traditional health sites to Internet gaming sites and sites dedicated to comics and cartoons are taking notice. The health unit is taking calls from everywhere from California to India. According to Dhinsa, "Even Perez Hilton has commented on the game on his site."
At the Middlesex-London Health Unit the phrase 'going viral' has taken a healthy spin. Now to see if the SDI numbers fall as the site numbers climb.
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