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article imageHow your office is very similar to the gym

By Michael Bearak     Feb 17, 2010 in Lifestyle
There are things that people do at the office can drive your co-workers nuts, and possibly even push your co-workers away from you. Still there are some simple things that if keep them in mind you can endear yourself to them.
Some people have trouble getting used to office life, but most people don't have much trouble in acting properly in the gym. CNN ran an interesting article about how the office is much like the gym and nine simple rules that apply to the gym and can also carry over to the office.
Rule 1:
Gym Rule: You don't drop your weights.
Office Rule: Don't tell everyone how stressed you are.
In the gym people don't want to hear the sound of weights hitting the floor, not to mention it can damage the weights and tear up the floor. In the office people don't want to hear how busy or stressed you are. If you spend time running your mouth about how stressed or busy you are, while everyone else works it means you probably aren't that busy. If you really are that stressed or busy then do what you need to do in the gym and get a "spotter." Just like when you are lifting a heavy weight you need to get a spotter. The same goes for the office, if you are that stressed out or have too much work to do instead of "dropping the weights" get help, get a spotter.
Rule 2:
Gym Rule: Keep a log.
Office Rule: Record your accomplishments.
In a gym it is important to keep a log of your workouts and your progress. You need to be able to chart where you started, and how you got there. In the office a year is about 275 working days you are going to forget certain accomplishments, so you need to keep a record. It always helps to show your supervisor(s) what you were able to accomplish throughout a year and in successive years.
Rule 3:
Gym Rule: Arrive to class on time.
Office Rule: Don't be late for meetings (or for other events)
In a gym there is a set time for a class to begin and it begins at that time. It is simple there is an instructor who is paid to be there on time and there are a number of participants who are ready and waiting for class to begin. The office is the same way, show up for meetings on time, peoples' time is important. It is disrespectful to your co-workers when there is a meeting and they either hold it up for you to come in or you arrive and interrupt with your entrance. Even if it is just coming to the office a few minutes late in the morning, when you do it regularly people notice it is that simple.
Rule 4:
Gym Rule: Don't hog the equipment.
Office Rule: Be considerate of your colleagues.
It is always rude when someone gets on a piece of equipment and won't get off of it. Hogging equipment is just poor gym behavior. The office is the same way, tying up a copier or fax machine is considered rude. The goes for being loud on the telephone or using speakerphone, playing a desk radio loudly.
Rule 5:
Gym Rule: Change up your routine.
Office Rule: Broaden your skill set.
You can get tired and board with the same workout day after day. They claim that variety is the spice of life and changing up your workouts can help to keep you energized. The office is the same way, if you don't do things to expand your skill set you will get bored with your job. Take classes, webinars, attend seminars on different areas of your job or areas of interest that can also make you more valuable to your employer.
Rule 6:
Gym Rule: Wipe down the equipment.
Office Rule: Maintain good relationships.
No one likes to get get onto a piece of equipment after you and you haven't wiped down the piece of equipment. It is sort of the same way with the relationships with your co-workers. If you leave every meeting wanting to strangle your co-workers you are doing no one any good. If meetings end in yelling matches and you are elbow deep in the fight you will only hurt your reputation. Let everyone else lose their heads so long as you remain calm. If you do that you are able to defuse situations you will improve your reputation.
Rule 7:
Gym Rule: Use a spotter.
Office Rule: Know when to ask for help.
In a gym when you are lifting very heavy weights experienced gym goers always get someone to spot them when lifting. It is the same in the office, don't take on more than you can do, if people pile it on ask for help. Recruit people, if you are doing well with Rules 1-6 then when you need help, people are going to want to help you.
Rule 8:
Gym Rule: Know your goals.
Office Rule: Know what you are working towards.
When you workout in a gym you need to know what the end goal you are attempting to attain is, are you looking to slim down, bulk-up, tone, or maintain? What is the reason you are going to the gym, that is your goal. The office isn't much different, what are you working towards? Do you want to become an executive, or are you happy just being left alone to do the job you are currently working on? Is your current job just a stop until you can find something better, and if that is what it is then do you know where you are trying to go? Know what your end goal is, know where you are trying to go?
Rule 9:
Gym Rule: Don't wear stinky clothes or your junior-high gym shorts.
Office Rule: Appearance matters.
You are going to get sweaty at the gym, but there is no reason to start out that way. People wear clean clothing going into the gym so they can get it dirty and stinky while they are there. In the office appearance matters, do you dress appropriately for the workplace? You need to wear clothing that is age appropriate and fits properly for your. The saying, "dress for success" applies in the workplace as it does in the gym. Think about your apparel and realizing that investing a little bit of money in your wardrobe can be a much larger investment in your career and future.
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