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article imageOp-Ed: The case of 2012? Gimme a break

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Feb 17, 2010 in Lifestyle
Scared or not, the date is coming in reality. But it's up to you and what's in your mind to affect you (or not...), like it happened in one of my friend's case who got incurably sick.
He believes we all won't get out of this.
OK, we all have to get ready for this. We must know this right away because the Mayas and Nostradamus had known it long time ago and all the wave of New Age zealots have known it for some time now so we have to listen to them. We have to blindly follow them as they are the only ones to have known the real truth.
There are not only them – whole bunch of visionaries who claim that they just got “the message”, know perfectly the date when the Earth will change its magnetic poles. It doesn’t matter that the Earth has already changed its poles in last 150 days ago or so. The Nibiru will hit the last nail into our coffin. After that catastrophe, we will all change our conscience and much better world will emerge but what happens if the huge waves of Armageddon will flood the Earth washing us all away?
But anyway, it doesn’t matter, only those whose conscience is about to change for better will survive the flood and Harmonic Concordance was the first significant event that announced very positive changes to come. You didn’t notice that? – oh well…, your conscious was riding wild and crazy in another direction when those “spiritually” selected saw it clearly.
What’s the protection and getting away with life in the time of the flood? Well, you can join the Perfect Vision project and buy shares in South Africa because the end of Maya calendar doesn’t apply for the region of Drakensberge. Great idea – join it, just do it!
Remember the case of Y2K?, everybody was getting ready for this. No joke - some provincial government employees in Vancouver were called off from the new year’s eve parties to come back to their offices some time at 10 PM to slowly watch their computers changing the clock and the world, still depending on them, supposed to be doomed in one second…, and soon after. These dedicated employees, sacrificing their private fun time on the turn of century saved our life and we are grateful for them for that.
I am sure that the presence of these responsible ones saved our life at that very moment. Thanks to them, a special wave of bullshitters sat at their still working computers and have littered the internet with their ideas of possible scenario at the end of 2012. I have another question to ask them - if you guys see it so clearly, could you, please, give me six numbers between 1 and 49 for the next 6/49 draw? You don't know?, you can't? or this is the mystery of those "spiritually" selected? - ya right... By the way, I can't help but wonder if printing companies will stop printing calendars ending right after December 20th, 2012...
Who, this time, will save us? We are now waiting for those spiritually selected - forget the government employees - to come out.
Only you - spiritually selected - will save the planet, you are our future,... damn it!
Lantern Festival  Vancouver  Canada.
Lantern Festival, Vancouver, Canada.
Joseph Boltrukiewicz
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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