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article imageLuger tells his father track terrified him

By Michael Bearak     Feb 14, 2010 in Sports
The young Georgian luger killed on Friday during a training run reportedly told his father that he was scared of the course.
The father of the young luger from the Republic of Georgia told the Wall Street Journal that his son had called home just three days before the run that killed his son and told his father that he was, "scared of one of the turns."
David Kumaritashvili the father of the late luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, met with reporters at his house in the small town of Bakuriani on Sunday.
David Kumaritashvili had been a luger for the former Soviet block. He advised his son to put his feet down on the ice to slow himself down. He talked about how being an Olympiad was his dream since he was a young child. Nodar, who was 21 when he was killed Friday, had gone to training camps in Germany starting in 2003.
After the crash Olympic officials shortened the track by 190 yards in an effort to slow the speeds of the lugers down. The Wall Street Journal noted that such action was an unusual step. Just the same the International Luge Federation (ILF) blamed Kumaritashvili for the crash. They did not find any deficiencies with the track. Just the same a wooden barrier was erected between the walls and the steel support beams that Kumaritashvili slammed into.
Josef Fendt was quoted as saying that they had anticipated speeds in the upwards of 87 miles per hour, but when speeds started coming in at 96 miles per hour they realized that the track was incredibly fast. Just the same their was nothing physically wrong with the track, they just hadn't expected such high speeds.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili expressed dismay with the ILF. Saakashvili acknowledged to not knowing all the details but he felt that no sports mistake should ever lead to death. He also went on to say that Georgia would be building a new luge track and would name it in honor of Kumaritashvili.
Friends and family in the village of Bakuriani were all devistated after the news of his death spread through the streets of the village.
Giorgi Avakyan, 55, at his ski-rental stall. "Everybody's crying. He was our lad."
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