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article imageCat Returns after 9 Years, and Other Weird Stories from Sweden

By Martin Laine     Feb 12, 2010 in Entertainment
Maybe it’s the severe winter they’re having this year, but whatever the reason, there have been several oddball stories in the Swedish press over the past month or so. First the cat story.
When Vera Dettmann’s family moved from rural Skogas to Sodermalm, a suburb of Stockholm, in 2001, the family cat Lakrits (“Licorice”), wanted no part of it.
“He hated being cooped up in an apartment, so he took off at the first possible opportunity,” she said, according the The Local, an English-language Swedish news website. They searched, but eventually gave up hope.
But then yesterday, Dettmann got a call from a cat refuge. Lakrits was there, identified by a tattoo on his ear.
“I thought I was going to faint when they rang,” she said. “When the kids and I saw him this evening, it was like we had found a lost child.”
Going from cats to mice, a 59-year-old Stockholm man, upset because his wife had divorced him, took advantage of her fear of mice to get some revenge. One Sunday morning, he went to her apartment with a paper bag full of mice, and one by one, 19 in all, pushed them through her mail slot. It worked, sort of.
“She was scared out of her wits,” a police spokesman said, and had to be treated at a hospital. He was arrested on suspicion of animal mistreatment and making unlawful threats. The mice were eventually recaptured and taken to an animal shelter. The man wanted his mice back, but authorities refused.
“He has treated both the mice and his ex-wife badly,” the police spokesman said. “So I don’t think he should be given any of them.”
In another jilted lover story, an 18-year-old young woman was infuriated when her 24-year-old boyfriend dumped her for someone else.
So, to express her displeasure, she went around town and posted pictures of his genitals along with his name, phone number, and unflattering comments about his male organ. She also posted pictures of the new girlfriend showing some revealing cleavage.
Questioned by police, she admitted to the deeds, and said she realized that what she had done was wrong.
And finally this.
A high school girl was treated for frostbite to her fingers and toes after doing cartwheels outside in her underwear at a school event organized by the student union.
School officials learned of the incident only some days later when the girl’s mother called the school to let them know the girl was fine. The temperature that day was -13 degrees Celsius.
“This type of event will not be permitted next year,” the principal said.
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