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article imageOp-Ed: Palin's iPalm

By Jose Neves     Feb 12, 2010 in Politics
Nashville - During a question and answer session on the weekend at the Tea Party Convention of Nashville, Tennessee, Sarah Palin got caught reading hand-notes.
What can this reveal to us?
Well, here is a little analysis on the secrets that Sarah Palin might hold in her hand.
With a closer look at the footage, the notes written on her left hand clearly read "Energy", "Budget cuts", with the word Budget crossed out and the word "Tax" just below, and then, "Lift American Spirits".
Maybe "Budget" got crossed out because "Tax cuts" sounds more popular?
This is not an errands list, or a reminder of the bills to pay, it's not a phone number, nor an address. These are the core mottos of the GOP, the foundations of the Party's beliefs, the Republicans Faith.
That's embarrassing enough. I guess she could be forgiven for using a crib-note (although maybe not forgotten). But isn't it more than that?
Imagine your taxi driver reading notes on his hand before starting the car:"Put hands on wheel, foot on the one?" Would you feel secure?
During her speech Sarah mocked President Obama for his use of teleprompters. Isn't that ironic? Words like to trick us, to remember us of their power. They have their own free will. Obama uses teleprompters alright, and most speakers have guideline notes or index cards. So, is it the same thing...only Low-tech versus Hi-tech?
Now picture Obama during an interview looking at his left hand.
- Mister President, what do you believe in for our Nation's future?
And Obama lifts his left hand so he can read the crib-note: "Hope", "Change".
- I strongly believe moist hands, it's all smeared!)...I believe in "Hype" and "Chance".
Then Obama puts his best big proud cool smile to the cameras.
Well if a President or a vice-presidential candidate, needs his left hand to tell him what he believes in, what kind of a leader is he?
How shallow can a leader be if he's unsure of his own principles, his values, his beliefs. How can you lead a "movement" if you don't even know "where", "why", "how"? Sarah did go rogue. Or has she been rogue all along?
Indeed she appears to be repeatedly left-hand. This a-Palin episode also shows a last minute briefing, her lack of preparation, before appearing on TV. All the GOP mentors were probably crossing their fingers, praying for a miracle, that Palin doesn't goof up again.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the American (Holy crossed out) Spirit, the miracle didn't happen for Palin's followers and supporters.
Could this otherwise comical episode indicate that Sarah is just a poser riding on a wave of populist "Hype", a poster, an impostor?
Should America take a "chance" and put its future in some clueless, unskillful, careless or faithless hands?
What sort of American Spirit is she trying to lift?
At least she's lifting all the cartoonists spirits in the world, they get plenty of fun thanks to her.
Is she riding for G-O-P, G-O-D or E-G-O?
Maybe we should ask Sarah and let's see what her iPalm says?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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