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article imageNine places to eat in Berlin Special

By Riccardo Valsecchi     Feb 9, 2010 in Food
Berlin - The city of Berlin, known as the center of the alternative scene in Europe, is the anti-romantic city par excellence. But then, where could the lovers go for a nice and cheap Berliner Valentine's Day?
The big and empty spaces. The buildings covered by graffiti. The clubs furnished with second-hand furniture. The low cost of living. The freezing weather and lack of culinary culture. All these make Berlin an unlikely candidate for an excellent and unforgettable dinner by candlelight. So where should lovers go for a special Berliner Valentine's Day?
Here are nine places to eat well and inexpensively."Gut und günstig" with love.
1 - The Immergern
Who said a restaurant is the ideal place for a romantic dinner? The Immergen is a bistro in front of the Helmholtzplatz. It has pop jam-sessions on Fridays, a DJ-set on Saturdays and classical music with the best orchestral musicians on Sundays. It offers traditional Italian cuisine, East-Berlin style furniture and dim red lights. To the "Immergern," you can go "always with pleasure," as it states by the name.
The Immergern: Dunckerstrasse 10  Berlin
The Immergern: Dunckerstrasse 10, Berlin
2 - The Chén Chè
If you love Vietnamese food and the tea and are looking for an intimate and relaxing atmosphere downtown, the Chén Chè Tea House/Restaurant is the proper place. The cuisine is delicious and the service is professional. The tea, waited in several different qualities and recipes, is undoubtedly a mystic experience. The upper-floor hosts a gallery of contemporary Vietnamese art.
The Chén Chè: Rosenthalerstr. 13  Berlin
The Chén Chè: Rosenthalerstr. 13, Berlin
3 - The Al Hamra
In the heart of Prenzlauer Berg there is the Al Hamra. Run by a family from Ramallah, West Bank, the local proposes Palestinian cuisine. The room boasts antique furniture and relaxing areas where you can dine lying down on some comfortable pillows. The particular scent of the spices introduce customers to the fabulous and dream-like atmosphere of the Middle East.
The Al Hamra: Raumerstr. 16  Berlin
The Al Hamra: Raumerstr. 16, Berlin
4 - The Defne Restaurant
In front of the Spree's channel that crosses the district of Kreutzberg, there is the Defne (named after the nymph loved by the Greek God Apollo). It offers intimate and romantic ambiance and the restaurant boasts Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine: "Here, we don't cook doner or kebab," says the owner, Mr. Kazim Binic. "Only fresh and high-quality meals." Don't forget to try the kuenefe, a sweet in the shape of spaghetti covered with honey.
The Defne Restaurant: Planufer 92 c  Berlin
The Defne Restaurant: Planufer 92 c, Berlin
5 - The Sasaya
Despite the rising popularity of Japanese cuisine in recent years, there are few places in Berlin where you can enjoy the traditional sushi. So many are altered with tastes and flavors from other Asian regions. The Sasaya is one excpetion. The restaurant offers makizushi, oshizushi, onigiri and sake in a typical Japanese resutoran setting.
The Sasaya: Lychener str. 50  Berlin
The Sasaya: Lychener str. 50, Berlin
6 - The Ganjari
The place is tiny, but the food is superb. The Ganjari offers Sub-Saharan cuisine: crocodile, ostrich and zebra, as well as vegetarian dishes based on coconut or fufu. The restaurant is a youthful and cheap place for having a nice dinner of extravagant dishes. You won't pay more than 15 euros, even if you eat twice.
The Ganjari: Neuebanhofstr. 3  Berlin
The Ganjari: Neuebanhofstr. 3, Berlin
7 - The Ham’s Wurst
"If you're not ready for the brunch on Sunday morning, you're not cool!" Brunch is an institution in Berlin and lkemany aspects which characterize the life in the German capital, the more alternative, radical and youthful it is, the moretrendy it is. At the Ham's Hum, brunch is vegan, with no animal products offered. That also means no milk, honey, eggs or derivatives. For dinner, I suggest "roasted pumpkin" with tofu, mush and vegan tartar sauce.
The Han s Wurst: Dunckerstr 1  Berlin
The Han's Wurst: Dunckerstr 1, Berlin
8 - The Spaghetti Western
This restaurant offers youthful Italian cuisine. "Stop with the checked tablecloth and the picture of Italy on the wall: we propose traditional pasta's dishes, but in a comfortable and youthful ambient," said Maurizio Schiappapietre, the young owner of the Spaghetti Western. You'll be treated to a rose on your table, a plate of spaghetti and the charm of pure Italian romanticism.
The Spaghetti Western: Torstr. 179  Berlin
The Spaghetti Western: Torstr. 179, Berlin
9 - The Berliner Fernsehturm
This restaurant is in one of the most touristic areas in the city, but the breathtaking 360° view across Berlin from atop the Berlin TV tower presents an amazing experience. As a symbol of the city, the tower is the perfect place for a dinner by candlelight. It's a special atmosphere at sunset when the night lights illuminate the neighborhoods around. The restaurant offers international cuisine.
The Berliner fernsehturm: Panoramastr. 1 A  Berlin
The Berliner fernsehturm: Panoramastr. 1 A, Berlin
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