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What does Berlusconi have in common with the Wrecker?

By Riccardo Valsecchi     Feb 8, 2010 in Politics
Silvio Berlusconi and his nebulous beginnings as businessman was caught on tape recorded by the Italian journalist Paolo Guzzanti.
As any comic fan knows, the Wrecker is a fictional character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is depicted as a former manual laborer in a demolitions crew who is fired for his violent and anti-social tendencies and gets superhuman strength and stamina, thanks to an Asgardian enchantment.
Even if none knows if the power of the famous Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi comes from an Asgardian enchantment, it seems that some parallelisms between Dirk Garthwaite aka "the Wrecker" and Silvio Berlusconi aka "il Cavaliere d'Arcore" are allowed.
The Italian TV channel La7 broad-cast during the television programme "Tetris" on Feb. 4 the original audio of a Silvio Berlusconi interview found by the journalist Paolo Guzzanti. This interview is part of the material for a biography, ( "Guzzanti vs Berlusconi", Aliberti Editore), which was never authorized by the Italian Premier.
During the recording Berlusconi remembers the nebulous beginnings of his career as businessman. At one point, the "Cavaliere" tells the story of an old farmhouse, which impeded the construction of a sport center: "At night I got on a caterpillar track, and I pulled the farm down," says Berlusconi. "A business man must be able to risk."
"Exactly as later he made with the broadcasting TV," comments ironically someone at the end of the audio recording.
Before becoming a politician, Berlusconi's business career began in constructions during the 1960s. In the 1970s he entered in the media world and in a short time he expanded his group, the Fininvest, into a country-wide network of TV. Berlusconi was assisted in his successful effort to create the first commercial TV empire thanks to his connections with Bettino Craxi, secretary-general of the Italian Socialist Party and also prime minister of Italy at that time.
Prosecuted by the Court of Milan for bringing and corruption, in May 1994 Craxi escaped to Hammamet in Tunisia, where he died on Jan. 19 2000. In the meantime, Silvio Berlusconi's career as politician had been started in Dec. 1993, with the foundation of the party Forza Italia.
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