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article imageSen. Landrieu accuses La. Gov. Jindal behind 'Louisiana Purchase'

By Carol Forsloff     Feb 6, 2010 in Politics
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) isn't going to take the fall for the $300 million "Louisiana Purchase" folks are blaming on her. She maintains Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana Governor, was in fact in back of the deal.
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) isn't going to take the fall for the $300 million "Louisiana Purchase" folks are blaming her for. She maintains Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana Governor, was in fact in back of the deal.
Landrieu last Thursday, according to the Hill, declared strongly that her request for $300-million-plus in Medicaid funds really came at the request of the present governor, Jindal. She said in response to her critics:
“Nothing about this effort was secret — it was public from the very first meeting that happened at the governor’s mansion in January. It was a broadly supported delegation effort from the beginning. And it was never a condition of my support for the bill."
This comes after Senator Mary Landrieu has had battles in the State of Louisiana where the health care debate has raged long and loud, in public forums, even as she is considered one of the most conservative Democrats of the Senate, according to the New York Times.
Still she is attacked by the right as not conservative enough and long blamed for what she says was really Governor Bobby Jindal's idea, supported by a delegation of others.
The facts are, as Landrieu maintains, she is bearing the brunt of requests made by other politicians in Louisiana for certain government aid, that she has been one of the Senate Democrats against the public option in the health care plan now debated, and is looked to for concerns that might rankle conservative Southern voters.
Landrieu speaks with a voice that echoes the thoughts of conservative Republicans in the health care debate and has said, as she did on National Public Radio, about health care rates and her concerns about small business, "from the statistics that you have, ( the host of the program, Michel Martin and interviewer), the rates of health insurance for small business have gone up four times higher than the cost of their goods and services over the last four years. And for small business, they pay more than 18 percent more for the same insurance given to employees by large businesses. And now, we're just struggling with how to move forward to provide, I think my view is more choice and competition in the market should help drive down costs and make that all more affordable. "
With that view, Democrats are said to have a distance to go to convince Senator Landrieu to change her mind about matters in reference to health care. Embattled by those who have tried to examine her records through what is now learned to be surreptitious ways through phone tampering, Landrieu has been in the spotlight and will likely be as the health care debate soon resumes.
Jindal's response to Landrileu's present predicament was to issue a statement in November that the provision was a state effort, but has said virtually nothing since. Landrieu is said to have voiced outrage about that, calling Jindal's response a “barely sufficient” gesture on Thursday. She believes she has been made a scapegoat for a Republican Governor's request who now hides behind his hands and doesn't admit the truth.
As Jindal and Landrieu are feuding, here's the rest of the story about Louisiana that is likely much bigger news: lots of folks in Louisiana, including the folks in the north central area of Alexandria as reported by its paper the Alexandria Town Talk,as cheering The Saints as the Superbowl approaches on Sunday.
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